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26 Apr 2018

Man Breaches Uhuru's Security To Deliver Note At Matiba's Memorial Service

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An unidentified man breached President Uhuru Kenyatta's tight security to deliver a written note at Kenneth Matiba's memorial service in Murang'a. The man who was well dressed in a white shirt made his way to where Uhuru was seated together with Deputy President William Ruto.

Although his move at the requiem mass came as a surprise, the security detail swang into action and whisked him away. "President At this moment, however, the man had successfully accomplished his mission as his note was safely in the President's hands.

The Head of State took a moment before reaching into his pockets to reach out his reading glasses. Reading through the note, Uhuru appeared to have appreciated the content as he smiled, folded the paper and placed it in the inside pocket of his jacket next to his chest.

Deputy President William Ruto, later on, appeared to enquire from the President on the content of the note which saw the two have a short discussion. The president's security is a paramount concern with officers drawn from GSU's J-Company charged with the responsibility to protect him.

These officers are said to undergo serious training both locally and in Israel with an estimated 200 police officers said to be attached to his security detail President Uhuru's outgoing nature and desire to associate with the citizens often have got his security detail thrown into disarray.

"Uhuru's A notable case was in August 2017 when Uhuru made an impromptu decision to open the sunroof of his car near Survey, Thika Super Highway forcing his security to disembark from the speeding motorcade and perch on either side of his car to protect him.

Remember The River Road Rape Video?Turns Out That The Offender And The Victim Were Actually Lovers[WE HAVE THE DETAILS]

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Police investigating the alleged rape incident along River Road, Nairobi have unearthed crucial details about the incident.

A video circulating on social media captured what was considered by many as a non-consensual sexual act.

Investigators have, however, disclosed that the alleged offender and the victim were actually lovers.

According to Nairobi Police Commander Joseph ole Tito, investigations have shown that the man and woman involved knew each other which makes it quite unlikely a rape case.

The police boss said that this was equally evident in the video where the lady was referring to the alleged rapist as "Huyu ni mtu wangu (This is my friend)."

"In as much as they knew each other, the manner in which it happened is wrong," said Tito.

"We have ten suspects in custody. All of them are street children. She is also a street urchin and we are looking for her," Tito disclosed on Thursday.

Tito's conclusion on the incident that is said to have had occurred on Mto Lane, off River Road, was that "I would say they have their own life (which the rest of us may never comprehend)."

He appealed to the woman to go to Central police station and record a statement to help with the investigations.

If the woman comes forward and attests that the incident was not a rape, the police are likely to charge them with what Tito referred to as "indecent exposure in public."

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Mwende Macharia Speaks On J Blessing Leaving Her For Chantelle

J Blessing and Mwende Macharia

In 2014 as Mwende Macharia’s career was taking flight as a TV co-host for KTN’s and Radio Maisha’s ‘Tukuza’, blogs rang with damaging headlines that the bold beauty had been ‘used by dumped by the father of her son’, J Blessing.

Now the radio presenter has broken her silence and addressed the rumours without fear or favour 3 years later. Speaking to Parents Magazine Mwende revealed that her relationship with J Blessing was not the smash-and-dash situation the blogs painted it out to be, the two had been engaged, he had met her parents in Diani and were set to marry.
playWe were set to marry - Mwende (Instagram)

But they broke up over what Mwende described as ‘fundamental issues’ in their relationship. In an earlier interview with SDE Mwende had intimated that the two were going through a ‘rocky patch’ and took a break before continuing with an ‘undefined relationship’.
“I kept asking him to define the relationship but he wasn’t forthcoming. I later discovered that I was pregnant.  All my life, I had not imagined myself as a single mother and so I called him immediately. He came to my house and told me he had moved on. I was very bitter. I threatened to abort, but he pleaded with me not to, promising to support the child.” She disclosed on SDE.
playI was very bitter - Mwende (Instagram)

So after their split, the popular video director proved he had truly moved on with Chantelle after the two showed up at Groove Awards hand in hand.
A situation Mwende admits wasn’t easy to see as she had just welcomed her son Champion Blessing.
“It wasn’t easy seeing him with someone else. However, he was always there for us during the pregnancy and even pledged to look after Champion. He never said that he was not interested in co-parenting as has been alluded in the past.”
playChantelle and J Blessing (Courtesy)

Despite the heartbreak Mwende endured after J Blessing skipped town, the two have put whatever issues that have had in the past behind them. This all came to light after Mwende hosted him on her show #Konnectinspirationalwednesday and even jokingly asked whether he was single so that she hooks him up. A clear sign that they had let bygones be bygones.
playThe Reunion (Instagram)

Mwende's mature conduct during the show and a photo with J Blessing really excited fans who expressed their desire to see the two back together. Here are just some reactions from hopeful fans:
nanciebwari: Hebu mrudiane mwendelee penye mliachia pliz
moseeee254: Duh!! Look couples pic imeweZa
sylvia_slyy: Haki si mrudiane tu please. Champ might be excited to see this photo
beckymsafi: U 2 were meant for each other
evancecysca: Mwende just forgive him mrudiane pls it will b amazing aki
lisperntinyariak: Mwende s murudiane ak.u look fgod mkiwa pamoja
kilylopz: Mmmmh ...I like bby daddy na mamake #Champ

Orengo's Speech That Caused Excitement At Matiba Funeral

Siaya Senator James Orengo on Thursday caused a moment of excitement when he was invited to make a speech at the funeral service of his friend and former political ally Kenneth Matiba.

Although Orengo was not on the programme of speakers, he was invited by host Senator Irungu Kang'ata to make brief remarks - having worked with Matiba during the fight for multiparty politics.

The Senior Counsel at first elicited laughter among mourners after he addressed President Uhuru Kenyatta as "His Excellency the President of the Republic of Kenya".
The fiery politician, in his characteristic firmness, went ahead to introduce his party leader Raila Odinga as "His Excellence the People's President" causing an uproar which even President Kenyatta did not shy from joining.
Orengo went ahead to pay tribute to Matiba, noting that the deceased politician was the only Kenyan leader he was sure would go to heaven.

The Siaya Senator concluded by challenging the government to punish those who tortured and harassed the late Matiba.
"The people who tortured him are here. They are stll alive and I know at least one. They must apologise and account for what they did," Orengo stated.

Controversial Law That Prohibits Water Harvesting In Nairobi

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Harvesting rainwater in Nairobi is likely to land you in trouble as it would be a blatant violation of existing by-laws that prohibit the practice.

The by-law that dates back to colonial times barrs harvesting of rainwater in commercial buildings.

Reports indicate that the law was enacted during the colonial times as a mitigation against the risk of harvesting contaminated water from the then-popular asbestos roofing.

Equally, discharging water from one’s premises is illegal in addition to washing your gate or car within your premises.

Washing, repairing or dismantling of vehicles in residential areas - except in cases of emergency is also punishable in Nairobi.

Although fireproof, asbestos is considered a health hazard especially when the fiber is inhaled and this may have informed the formulation of the law.

There have been concerns over the dwindling water levels at Ndakaini Dam which supplies 80 percent of water consumed in Nairobi.

The frequent floods have paralyzed transport in some parts of the city with reported cases of people drowning.

Different stakeholders have called out to the government and relevant authorities to engage in measures to harness the flood waters for the benefit of the residents.

City lawyer Donald Kipkorir on Tuesday questioned how the floods are being witnessed everywhere "from Mandera to Homa Bay... Water is all over.... (yet) miraculously, the water is avoiding our dams."

" This Is The Amount Of Money Goons Wanted In Exchange For Silence Over Explicit Video"- Kirinyaga Deputy Governor

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Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri, the man in the middle of a sex scandal now says that the people who released his naked video did so after he refused to give them Ksh.5 million.

Mr Ndambiri, who was caught on video in what appeared as an illicit affair with somebody’s wife says that he was abducted, stripped and made to confess that he had relations with that woman.

“I do not know the woman nor do I have a relationship with her, I was set up after I refused to part with Ksh.5 million,” said Mr Ndambiri.

Addressing the media after he recorded a statement with the Thika Criminal Investigation Officers Ndambiri revealed that he was a victim of a clique of criminals out to make a quick buck from politicians at whatever cost.

The politician said that he fell victim after he was hijacked and taken to an isolated house in Githingiri estate in the outskirts of Thika town where he was tortured whipped naked and under duress, forced to recite whatever he was recorded saying.

While thanking God that he’s alive, Ndambiri said that the criminals, who were armed with crude weapons threatened to kill him if he defied their orders to recite whatever they told him.

He termed the ordeal as embarrassing and called on law enforcement officers to arrest the culprits adding that he is willing to co-operate with the police.

Jubilee Party chairman for Kirinyaga County, Mureithi Kangara who accompanied Mr Ndambiri said they suspect political mischief in the whole saga as the culprits are also from the county.

Huyu Alikua Nyoka Tu! Zari Hassan Opens Up On Snakes After Failed Relationship With Diamond

The new Zari Hassan has been focusing on sharing quotes after her failed relationship with her babydaddy Diamond Platnumz who indirectly said Ukiachwa achika and he seems to have moved on with his life.

He has even been hanging out with Hamisa Mobetto the mother to his son Abdul.

Zari Hassan is not pleased with her previous life while with Diamond and has now become a snake analyst, opening up on her encounter with snakes.

While indirectly addressing someone who turned out to be the snake in her life, Zari asked her followers to watch out for any snakes in their lives.

According to her, she only managed to see the snake once she decided to cut the grass

You only see snakes once you cut the grass…..๐Ÿ And you know what they say about a snake, it can shade skin as many times but it stays a snake.

The new man in her life ho is her photographer went on to add that Zari used a snake as a metaphor and sh

Dear everyone, lemme add on our boss-lady @zarithebossladyillustration here. As we all know in our time Snakes ๐Ÿ are a metaphor for untrustworthy individuals who are be deceitful with intent to harm u in all possible way. Now snakes slither real quietly and u never know of their presence and when u do see them, they strike faster then u could duck em. Bosslady here is saying: snakes are many and not particularly referring to one individual. She also encouraging u to be on the look out for them. So no matter how many times they change their form, they remain ๐Ÿ so be sure to not let ur grass grow to tall (let ur guard down) be vigilant.

A Kenyan lady who had a lot of time last night decided to correct Zari when she discovered she had used the word shade instead of shed.

Zari wrote “a snake can shade a lot of skin but it will remain a snake” and Njambi chose to focus on the use of the word.

She wrote

๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚so this carlyn njambi will continue beeing English teacher from Kenya lets wait the day her name will be written calini๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚#love for my bosslady❤✌

@taylorwafula nah boo! She meant ‘shed skin’ ..how does ‘shade’ even apply? We aren’t talking about a chameleon? ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿผ‍♀️

Meet Vivian,THE Beautiful Mum Got Married At 50 And Has Welcomed Her Child At 51

Society has always expected women to get married at a particular age or have kids at a particular point in time before reaching a certain age.

With advanced technology most women have been able to have kids at an advanced stage and an example is Janet Jackson who welcomed her baby after turning 50.

A lady known as Mo Abudu who is well known in the media industry across Africa  has come out to celebrate her friend Vivian who welcomed her first child recently.

According to her, Vivian got married at 50 and a year later welcome her first baby.

Top Africa media personality Mo Abudu has taken to social media to celebrate her best friend who got married at 50 and welcomed her baby at 51.

Read what she wrote below

My darling Viv, today I celebrate you and I thank God for your life and strength. What a testimony your life has become. You met and fell in love with JS as we fondly call him when you were about to turn 50❤❤. You guys got married. The most beautiful wedding ever๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŽ€๐Ÿ’. Then came the wait for a child and you were so determined about having this child, we were worried because you had just turned 50 then. But you persisted and yesterday to the glory of God, you gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. How wonderful is that ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐ŸพSweetheart God loves you specially to do all these wonderful things for you. Congratulations darling. JS thank you so much for making our friend so happy๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•. Lord thank you for your love, favor and kindness in the life of Viv and JS๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ. I mean look at this beautiful pic of my darling Besto during her pregnancy ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ and she is 51๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฝ, incredible๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ. I am also sharing this story to say, never ever give up and with God on your side and with a good heart, all things are surely possible๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ.

Check out the beautiful photos below

Woman Forgives Husband Who Infected Her With HIV From Other Men After Their Wedding, Blames Herself

According to Barbera Aimes, who is now 59, she started falling ill in 2011 and blamed her illness on the winter season. She almost died because she thought the cold would go away only for it to get worse.

She later learned her husband John Aimes, 55, had been visiting gay saunas throughout their marriage and had contracted HIV from an unknown man.

The woman  now takes responsibility for her husband’s infidelity.

Her husband started visiting gay saunas just six months after their wedding, where he contracted HIV and infected her, revealed how she forgave him

“It’s not uncommon for straight men to go to a gay bathhouse. He loved the attention. He was not getting anything from me,” she admitted."

She said they had sex during this period, but it was “not interesring” and “as a good looking man” he wanted approval from elsewhere.

“I want people to look at their own relationships and see how they are reacting to problems unconsciously,” she continued.

“He said he would go to the bath-house and come back and feel awful. Like an alcoholic. You go to get your happy on but afterwards you get an awful hangover.”

Barbera Aimes said John confessed that he had been seeing other men and his first illicit encounter was just six months after they wed. In spite of this, Barbara and John are still together and happier than ever.

Barbara now sees the entire situation as a “gift” and admitted she was partly responsible for what happened.

She said: “I don’t take responsibility for what he did, but I do take responsibly for my part in the dysfunction of the relationship.”

She explained: “It was right around Thanksgiving I got this cold, I kept feeling more and more tired and bedraggled. I finally went to the doctor. She took me to the hospital because she said my white blood cell count was off the charts, I don’t know if it was low or high.”

At Boulder Community Hospital medics ran tests but “couldn’t come up with anything” so she was discharged. But her condition worsened. She was always so tired and would throw up all the time. At the same hospital where she had been initially treated doctors realized her adrenal glands had failed. Further tests were run and it emerged she was suffering from full-blown Aids.

On hearing this news, Barbara, who married John in 1994, exactly two years after they met, thought she “had brought Aids into the marriage.”

She said: “Long before I married John, in the 1980s, I was experimenting with drugs. I was a punk rock crazy person. I thought it was me. The doctors were saying, ‘it doesn’t last that long in your system.’ But I still thought it.”

Her husband was tested and he too was suffering from the illness. This threatened their relationship and they were heading for divorce. But in January 2013, Barbara wrote a letter to John where she told him of her true feelings. She told him she didn’t feel connected to him, and he responded and confessed what he had been doing. He told her he had been having sex with men.

This angered her but, beneath the anger, she got a taste of the old John that she had married.

She continued: “He was raw. He was really him, there was no defences, no blaming, no guilt. He was just him. He was beyond sorry. Can you imagine the courage it took for him to tell me that? We were on the way to divorce. Most men would have just divorced. We were about to get divorced before truthgate erupted. We were lawyering up.

“For the first time I saw this guy, he was the guy I married. He was so contrite He was like a guy waking up from a horrible nightmare.”

Barbara decided to stay with John and after intensive therapy, they are happy. Barbara is telling her story with John’s permission.

“My purpose in going public with this story is to help people move their circumstances, and see it as a gift,” she said.

“We all have these circumstances. I see it as a gift. I’ve even coined a turn for it. I call it a supernova moment. When we shift the way we look at things, we really come into our own power.”

According to her husband

John added: “By offering me forgiveness, Barbera gave me space to grow into the man I am today.
“This was not about me coming out. I don’t consider myself a gay man.

“I had to tell people close to me, the truth to forgive myself.

“I did something that very nearly brought my wife to death.
“This is a story about forgiveness.”

New Mum Avril Opens Up On The Horror She Went Through While Giving Birth

By now you know that Avril welcomed a baby boy and bashed everyone who has been sharing fake news about her delivering a baby girl.

Avril’s baby is yet to be introduced to the world and maybe with time she will gain the strength to introduce him to us.

According to her, people were revealing that she had a baby girl through it was clear from her pregnancy announcement she hinted at welcoming a baby boy. Why else would she use the blue color if not for a gender reveal?

"Guys Laughing In My Dms About Hii Story Ya Source. No, But Seriously Though RudishaPesaZaWenyewe Because Kama Hata Date UlikoseaWacha Gender We Ni Source WaAinaGani? Haya Ni HivyoNimemaliza.."

She revealed people got the wrong date about her delivery and she wants people to stop giving false information about things she did not say.

She also went to reveal that she did not have any Ceaserean section famously known as CS as she made quite a shocking revelation.

Avril’s baby was born naturally and that comes with a lot of energy and work to be done by doctors and nurses to avoid any birth complications.

Avril went through quite a horrific experience while giving birth as she chose to have a normal delivery.

She wrote

"Since I’m Known For Giving PSAS Through Social Media Accounts (So I’m Told)..Let Me Clear Some More Fake News. No, I Did Not Have A Cs. My Episiotomy Is Proof Of That. And I Did Not Have A Baby Girl..Ditch Your Source Because Naona Akishinda Akiwaenjoy"

But why is the news a shocking revelation? Well, when a lady gives birth naturally and her birth canal is too small for the baby to pass, she has to get cut.

This is what Avril referred to when she talked about having an episiotomy. According to Avril, she did not have a CS birth as she chose to go the natural way and this meant because of the adjustments she had, she has had some healing to do.

For Avril’s baby to come out and avoid any vaginal tissue tears, Avril was cut.

Hamisa Mobetto And Diamond Platnumz Enjoy A Beautiful Date

Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz are out here just having fun with each other and they actually are not minding other people’s business.

No one has made anything about their relationship official but they are sending signs our way that they are making each other happy.

A week ago they were both summoned after Diamond shared photos where he was cuddling up with Hamisa in his Tandale home.

He later went online to reveal that he is working on ensuring his bedroom photos do not get to the public. That he is only focused on sharing photos wearing suits.

Well, it turns out Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz are only sharing bits and pieces of their new relationship .

According to Hamisa Mobetto who has a baby with Diamond Platnumz, Diamond is her bae and they are out here spending some quality time together.

Hamisa stepped out in stilettos while with her man and she made it known that she was hanging out with her bae.

While sharing a photo on her Instagram story, Hamisa Mobetto captioned it

"Bae and I. I love his shoes(Emoji)"

Well, Diamond made sure he stepped out with the shoes that his bae loves while hanging out with his Wasafi team after a press conference.

Check out the photos below of Hamisa in her golden strappy stiletto and her man in his Nike sneakers

Kenyan Women Angry After A Woman Was Raped And Threatened With Death By A Street Kid In Nairobi

Nairobi street kids are becoming quite tactical when it comes to their presence in the City Center.

A Kenyan lady was threatened with death while being raped by a street kid on Charles Rubia road along Kirinyaga road in the River Road area.

In the video that has been circulating the lady was screaming and was told if she keeps screaming she will be killed as the rapist went about overpowering her.

Please do not kill me. Tell the people who are recording to stop as I will get killed.

The lady covered her face in shame as her attacker focused on getting the act done and she stopped screaming.

The rapist has been identified as Baite and as he was carrying out the act everyone who was present (his fellow gang ) cheered him.
Nicholas Kamwende, the Nairobi Directorate of Criminal Investigations has urged the woman to come out and identify the gang members so they can be prosecuted.

That was wrong and criminal. We urge the victim to visit my office or Central and help us in getting the men behind it. This can happen again to anyone.

The video is not dated so it is not easy to tell when the incident took place.

According to reports, there has been a rise in the number of street kids robbing people in Nairobi and safety is becoming a concern.

The rape incident has created outrage online as women want the perpetrators of the injustice to the lady arrested.

Women are getting scared of walking alone in the city center due to fear of being raped or getting mugged.

Most are advising each other on tactics to use to stay safe in town as they have fears of falling victim in the hands of wrong people who are out here to harm them.

To stay safe the are measures one has to ensure they  take and do not walk in dark alleys and ensure you avoid any places that are isolated. Always turn back and run if you see people trying to approach you in a group.

May the lady who was raped finally find her justice.

Do you feel safe walking around the City center or your neighborhood? What ways do you think will keep women safe?

DJ Shiti Shows Off His Newly Acquired Range Rover

It seems Kenyan actor DJ Shiti is doing quite well for himself in the comedy and acting industry.

DJ Shiti has been an actor on The Real House-helps of Kawangware where he entertains his loyal fans thanks to his rib cracking jokes.

He has finally decided to upgrade his life and he did this by starting the process of acquiring a Range Rover

He chose to buy his Range Rover from Khaligraph Jones who is a Kenyan rapper and he took to social media to congratulate DJ Shiti for his new acquisition.

"Congratulations to DJ Shiti as he has managed to raise enough money to buy the Range Rover and it now belongs to him. Good luck and in case you run out of fuel get hold of Eric Omondi for assistance.
Congratulations @djshiti_trhk Finally alifika Bei sasa Range ni Yake, Good luck Bro, Mafuta ikiisha kwa barabara dont hesitate to call @ericomondiatakusaidia"

Earlier on DJ Shiti had asked fans for support as he planned to acquire the red car as he wrote

"My fans, please make some contributions so I may even buy the tyre of this Range Rover. Khaligraph is going to sell it to me at a throwaway price. I have given him a downpayment of KES 6000. I even bought him lunch and transferred airtime to his mobile number. I would also like to collaborate with him so your ideas are welcome on the collabo."

Swahili version
"Wadau nichangishieni ninunue hata tairi yahii gari @khaligraph_jonesAmenihurumia akaniuzia bei ya Jioni… nishampatia ๏นฐElufu SITA Naameniambia nilipie polepole…. Pia nilimnunulia lunch nanikamsambazia credit ya bamba 100… I think hizo pia niweke kwa record….Lakini kubwa zaidi Nisaidieni Maoni kuhusu COLLABO Moto Ambayo Tunatoa Soon ๐Ÿ‘"

Akothee’s Daughters Say Beauty Runs In Their Family As They Reveal They Are Twins

Akothee is always proud of all her five kids and she is known to always show them off on social media.

She has three daughters and two sons and actively supports their life and career choices.

One of her daughters is an upcoming model while the other runs her mother’s tour company operations.

The two girls recently went for a photoshoot and stepped out looking stunning in white crop tops and blue skinny jeans.

According to to them, they decided to have the photoshoot because they are twins and love hanging out together.  Did we even know Akothee has twins or is this just a name they use to refer to each other?

"Tiny but mighty . CONFIDENCE TO BE YOU
The akothelets"

They went ahead to reveal that beauty runs in their family and their mother came out to call them out for going photo-shoots instead of being in school.

Well, Akothee had a lot of time for her daughters and she wants their schools to refund her change as her girls are busy focusing on photo-shoots instead of being in school.

"See trouble , this women be posing for photos on a Monday how about my school fee ? Are teachers on strike? If so tell your school to refund me change ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„"

Check out the gorgeous photos below

Pregnant Lilian Muli Goes Clubbing In Denim Shorts As She Opens Up On Pregnancy[PHOTO]

Lilian Muli is out here making pregnancy look great as she steps out in style while expecting her second baby with her partner Jared Nevaton.

As part of her pregnancy journey, Lilian Muli has ensured that she stays active which is good for her and the baby.

She has recently decided to share her pregnancy journey with her fans.

While speaking on her pregnancy, Lilian Muli revealed that the most shocking thing she heard about the pregnancy is that it belongs to Jeff Koinange her fellow News anchor.

For Lilian Muli, she seems to be enjoying her pregnancy as she has still been rocking her favorite outfits and ensuring that she travels while having fun.

Read about her Nanyuki trip at Pregnant Lilian Muli enjoying her mini vacation in Nanyuki

She has taken to social media to reveal that one of her hobbies includes dancing as she shared a photo where she was out partying in her second trimester.

Lilian Muli wore denim shorts and a sleeveless top while out dancing.

"Laughing out Loud. I Love Dancing. Not the best dancer though but used to be. I was 4 months pregnant here…good times with fun people."

Lilian is currently in her third trimester and she revealed that her first trimester was tough though she is getting quite energetic in her third trimester and this shows Lilian is counting down days to delivering her baby.

"I guess people’s experiences are different I was just entering my second trimester so my energy was back nowadays I’m pretty energetic. Third trimester not treating me too bad."

Check out the photo below

Kirinyaga Deputy Gov Reveals Who Set Him Up

Image result for Kirinyaga Deputy Go

Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri on Wednesday addressed the video that emerged online explaining that he had been set up by fraudsters.

Speaking to journalists at Thika Police Station, the deputy governor stated that he had fallen victim to the notorious criminal ring.

“There is a group of gangsters targeting politicians and individuals they think have money in this country. The purpose of these gangsters is extortion and I am such a victim.

“I was set up by crooks who took me through a very agonizing moment and right now what matters to me most is about my family and the people of Kirinyaga who look unto me for guidance and leadership,” he stated.

Ndambiri alleged that the video clip was recorded the previous weekend in Thika town where the fraudsters forced him into the room with the woman.

They thereafter forced him to strip naked to recorded him to show that he had been busted with a married woman.

“This is an episode that has brought a lot of shame but it has happened when people fall victims to gangsters. Anyone can fall victim and find themselves in a situation for purposes of extortion. I thank God that I am alive because these gangsters would have either killed me if I failed to comply with their demands. For me to save my neck I had to comply,” he conveyed.

The video has caused a stir on social media with many calling for his resignation over the incident.

During the Devolution conference in Kakamega, Eugene Wamalwa put Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru on the spot over the video.

"What Oparanya said yesterday (about the 24-hour economy) is true and it is working. Governor Waiguru can attest to it.

"May I say to all the delegates, welcome to Kakamega and feel free," he stated.

This left Waiguru and the others in attendance in stitches as she seemed to deny having a knowledge of the issue.

Ten Suspects Arrested In Rape Saga Of Woman Along River Road, Nairobi

Ten suspects have been arrested in connection with an incident in which a woman was captured on video being raped along Mto Lane off River Road Nairobi. The suspects include the man who raped the woman on an unknown day.

Nairobi police boss Joseph Ole Tito said they are yet to get the woman who was raped in the video. “The suspects are all street urchins and they know the woman. In as much as they knew each other, the manner in which it happened is wrong,” said Tito.

He appealed to the woman to go to Central police station and record a statement. The woman was raped by a man believed to be a street boy as about four others watched and cheered on.

Her attempts to resist were thwarted after the men threatened to kill her. Tito said a team of detectives led by Central head of DCI Samuel Kobina has been assembled and ordered to pursue the matter to the end.

The rape ordeal is captured in a video that was taken on an unknown date. In the amateur video, a young man identified as ‘Baite’ rattles down a woman before he goes ahead to rape her. The woman screams for help saying she is being raped but one of the members is heard threatening to kill her.

The woman pleads with them not to kill her as she gives up the struggle while the excited squad watched on cheering on Baite to go ahead.

“Don’t kill me please and please warn that person to stop recording. He might cause me to be killed,” cried the woman who had already been overpowered.

The crowd cheered on excitedly through the ordeal while the woman remained silent, only struggling to cover her face. The video came out as pedestrians using the route said they know the said place as a rape den. The upsurge of glue sniffing and shaggy street children is making walking along streets in Nairobi a nightmare for anyone carrying food, using a mobile phone or carrying a handbag.

The rowdy youth harass shoppers along both uptown and down-streets,forcefully asking for money, snatching items and pickpocketing unsuspecting citizens. According to the residents, the petty criminals have invaded streets in Nairobi, bringing to an end a long spell when people felt safe walking in alleyways.

 "Girls cannot use that path alone. You had rather go round,” warned a shop attendant at Charles Rubia Road.

The attendant explained that the gang of street children had turned the lane connecting Charles Rubia road to Kirinyaga road into their residence and could harm passers-by. “Those men there are not just street children, be warned. They are usually high on drugs and mostly armed and will not hesitate to attack you,” he warned.

Prison Warder Arrested In Connection With Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Viral Video With Woman

Image result for prison bus kenya
One person has been arrested in connection to the viral explicit video involving Kirinyaga deputy governor Peter Ndambiri.

Reports reaching The Evening Post indicate that the suspect, who is a prison warder based at Nyandarua prisons was apprehended on Thursday, March 26.

In a bizzare coincidence, he was arrested at a police station as he was going to report an accident.
Police believe the man was the one behind the embarrassing clobbering of the deputy governor when he was busted with a mystery woman at a hotel.

The video, which has since taken social media by storm, shows a hapless Ndambiri being forced to confess by a man who is outside the shot.

At certain points in the video, Ndambiri is descended upon by slaps as the men in the video attempt to force a clearer view of him for the cameras.

The deputy governor had on Wednesday, April 25, issues a statement of apology to his family and the people of Kirinyaga over the incident.

He had however vowed to bring the people responsible for his humiliation to book.
A number of loopholes have since emerged to suggest that Ndambiri might have indeed been set up for extortion.

Gatundu South legislator Moses Kuria had also suggested a breed of extortionists had taken to bust Ndambiri in the act in a bid to squeeze some money out of him.

Source: Tuko.co.ke

DP Ruto Does The Unexpected At Matiba's Funeral

Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday surprised mourners attending the funeral of the late champion of democracy, Kenneth Matiba.

Ruto spent the morning in Kakamega where he attended the annual Devolution Conference and was largely expected to miss the funeral that started at around 10 am.

A few minutes past noon, the reading of the eulogy was temporarily halted as mourners cheered the Deputy President as he made his belated entrance.
Meanwhile, the Kikuyu version of the Matiba eulogy stood out for its bold choice of words that noted the wrongs committed against the fallen hero.
The eulogy stated that Matiba was rigged out during the 1992 presidential election by what was described as "Moi's crooks".

Kalenjin Girl Sends Internet Into Frenzy With Her ‘All The Way Up’ Diss Song

A young girl, only identified as Sandra Msupa S, has taken social media by storm after a video clip of her rap went viral.

Her rap is a rendition of American rappers Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s hit All The Way Up.

The video starts with the lass working out in a gym, rapping while swimming (or was it walking, standing in a living room as she raps likening herself to renowned American rapper Eminem.

The lady proves her vixen skills as she takes poses in all the interesting places including beside a parked bicycle and a flight of stairs.

Netizens could not hold it together as they attempted to grasp what the newbie rapper was singing. Some even opted to grade her, giving her ‘As’ for successfully launching her rapping career.

Here is the clip:

The Only 3 Women Raila Recognised During His Speech At The Devolution Conference

The Only 3 women Railaร‚ recognisedร‚ during his speech at the Devolution Conference

National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga on Wednesday delivered his keynote speech at the 5 Annual Devolution conference held in Kakamega, where he singled out three women powerful from the crowd.

Mr. Odinga started his speech by recognizing the first three female Governors – Kitui’s Charity Ngilu, Anne Waiguru (Kirinyaga) and Joyce Laboso (Bomet) who were at the conference.
playNASA leader Raila Odinga (centre) welcomed at the 5th Annual Devolution conference in Kakamega by Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru (on his right), Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok (on his left). Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho (far left) and Marsabit Governor Mohamud Mohamed Ali (far right) (Twitter)

The former Prime Minister congratulated the three for competing against men to get the top position in their respective counties.
"In the last five years, this gathering was a men-only affair. Today we have three female governors. I recognize and welcome the madam governors to this club" he said.
The Opposition leader went ahead to encourage more women to vie for top political seats in a bid to bridge the gender gap.
“It is my hope that after the next elections, we will have at least ten female governors. Devolution must bridge the gender gap in the country’s leadership,” he said.

Ngilu, Waiguru, and Laboso made history after the August 8 General Election in 2017 when they were elected as the first female Governors.
playKitui Governor Charity Ngilu (left), Kirinyaga's Anne Waiguru and Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso (right) (SDE)

The three were elected at a time when Kenya is still grappling to implement the two-thirds gender rule stipulated in the 2010 Constitution.
The law requires that women hold at least one-third of the seats in parliament and one-third of appointed state positions. It also set aside 47 special parliamentary seats for women.
Last year, President Uhuru Kenyatta directed MPs to pass the two-thirds gender rule, under the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill 2015 for its implementation.

Miguna Supports Uhuru In Rare Message

Miguna Miguna supports Uhuru in rare message

Self-declared National Revolutionary Movement (NRM) General Dr. Miguna Miguna has for the first time supported President Uhuru Kenyatta in a rare message.

Miguna said that he agreed with the presidents sentiments on the late Ken Matiba and that he was among the elite group of Kenyans who used their public office positions to gain wealth.
He added that Matiba was also among those detained without trial and tortured by the president’s mentor retired President Moi, the same way he was detained and tortured.
“For the first time, Mr. Despot Uhuru Kenyatta you are right: Matiba was among a few Kenyan elite who exploited their public positions to become billionaires. And yes, he was detained without trial, tortured and maimed by your TUTOR, MOI, the same way you have detained and tortured me.” He said.

Miguna sent his message of support after President Uhuru in his speech at the late Ken Matiba’s memorial at the All Saints Cathedral, said that Matiba symbolized what Kenya was supposed to be and he was willing to sacrifice everything he had for the sake of the country.
“Ken Matiba epitomized what Kenya is supposed to be. He was committed to hard work and was willing to sacrifice all his property and wealth for the sake of the country. Kenya will miss him but we will never forget him. #RIPMatiba,” said President Uhuru Kenyatta.
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