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14 Jul 2018

Drama As Enraged Wife Smashes MP’s Car After Domestic Spat

A popular legislator’s car suffered the wrath of domestic violence when wifey clobbered it to smithereens following a domestic spat with the man of the house.

Sources have it that the two are always grabbing each other by the throat, more so during weekends after long, drunken night outs, never mind that they leave the house on Fridays smiling from ear to ear.

The couple also differed bitterly at a city joint last month after the politician grabbed a waitress’ behind after one too many.

“He is touchy when drunk and this has always led to arguments between them,” our source said.

But the politician’s friends say the woman is just full of drama.

 “She is a drama queen who yells at the slightest provocation to seek attention,” one said.

Uhuru's Nominee Rejects Job Offer, Here's Why

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Former Cabinet minister Ochillo Ayako has turned down his nomination as an ambassador.

Speaking after the announcement made by State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena on the new ambassadorial appointees, Ayako stated that he "wants to serve the people of Migori County in whatever capacity."

He went ahead to thank President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga for the "honour and respect they bestowed on me.

"I am ready to serve the great people of Migori either as a ward rep, MP, Senator or Governor and that is where my focus is," Ayako told Nation in an interview.

According to the former Rongo MP, he is eyeing the Migori senate seat that fell vacant following the death of Ben Oluoch Okello who succumbed to colon cancer on June 19.

A top ODM official told the Nation that the legislator is likely to be given a direct nomination for the party ticket.

"We are going to give him the ticket. Why would one decline such a lucrative job? He will be our candidate in Migori," the unnamed official told the daily.

According to reports, the move by the former minister to reject the nomination may unsettle politicians who have declared an interest in the vacant seat.

Those who have also declared an interest in the seat include former MP John Pesa, trade unionist Samuel Orwa, and Mr Maka Sembo.

State House has since replaced Mr Ayacko’s name with that of Mr Paddy Ahenda from Homa Bay County.

13 Jul 2018

Chopper carrying Governor & 2 MPs crash-lands

A chopper carrying Isiolo Governor Mohammed Kuti was on Friday forced to crash-land in Mukurwe-ini due to bad weather.

Reports reaching Pulselive.co.ke news desk indicate that Mr. Kuti was in the company of Isiolo North MP Hassan Oda and Isiolo South MP Abdi Koropu.

More to follow…

Kirinyaga Deputy Governor's Nightmare Returns

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Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri has announced that his life is in danger following the return of the extortionists who humiliated him with a nude video in April.

According to Ndambiri, the men who allegedly hijacked him and forced him to undress are currently threatening him with dire consequences if he doesn't give them money.

Speaking at Wanguru DC offices in Mwea, Ndambiri revealed that he is living in fear of the gang.

"The government should deal with these criminals conclusively, if they can intimidate a deputy governor, what about an ordinary person, I have told them to come and face me," he stated.

Narrating how he was coerced to confess "many embarrassing things," by the gang, Ndambiri called on the authorities to arrest those individuals.

He explained: "I escaped death by a whisker, it's only through God grace that I am alive and I can speak to you and explain what happened that fateful day.

"I’m a victim and I can be in a better position to tell you that these criminals don’t need any mercy. They are supposed to be killed," Ndambiri was quoted by the Star.

Central regional coordinator Wilson Njega assured that the police would ensure those terrorizing residents in the area are dealt with ruthlessly.

However, the regional coordinator went ahead to accuse some of the county politicians of protecting criminals and bailing them out every time they are arrested.

"I’m very disturbed by the actions of some of our leaders they have become gatekeepers for the criminals any time police arrest these criminals they are very quick to call the police to plead for their release we can’t allow these," he lamented.

The Case Orengo Wants To Take To International Court

Image result for Siaya Senator James Orengo in court

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leaders including Senator James Orengo have stepped up calls for a row between Kenya and Uganda over Migingo Island to be taken to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

As a diplomatic battle over within whose territory the island lies rages on, Orengo announced plans to lobby opposition politicians to push for the government to refer the matter to the ICJ.

"Cameroon and Nigeria once had a border dispute and they moved to the ICJ and it was resolved. We have evidence that Migingo belongs to Kenya and only this court can resolve the matter," he stated in Migori.

In a conversation with Kenyans.co.ke on Thursday, ODM Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna echoed Orengo's sentiments stating that ICJ was possibly the only viable avenue to end the dispute.

"It's what makes sense in the circumstances. It might be the only way to end this row once and for all," he wrote.

Orengo had lamented that the row was getting out of hand as Kenyan fishermen were harassed by Ugandan soldiers.

While Kenya lays claim to the island, Uganda has its flag hoisted on the island as well as police and military officers permanently stationed there.

Towards the end of June, Ugandan officials forcibly closed the only Kenyan kindergarten on the island further escalating tensions.

The preschool had just been established following collaboration between the office of the Migingo sub-location assistant chief and area residents.

"This school was set up to serve the children of the locals here but unfortunately the Ugandan officials closed it down today claiming that it is a way of Kenya asserting her ownership of the disputed island," stated the Assistant Chief Esther Masaku.

I tried to commit suicide twice - Okari opens up on messy divorce with Betty Kyallo

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Award-winning investigative journalist Dennis Okari has revealed that he has tried to commit suicide twice.

Speaking during an interview with Truth FM, the NTV journalist expressed his disappointment over how people perceive him due to the 'gossip and rumours' that have surrounded his broken marriage with KTN's anchor Betty Kyallo.

During the interview, Okari disclosed that following the events of his life, he got to a point where he was so frustrated and depressed that he thought of taking his own life.

He confessed: "I know people don't know this, but I have tried to take my life twice. The first time I wanted to crash my car on a huge rock on my way from work. Miraculously, as I drove from work on the material night, I just could not trace the boulder, it had always been there, but I couldn't trace it.

"When I couldn't trace the rock on that familiar route, I said I'll try it another day," he added.

The journalist went ahead to explain that following the continuous life frustrations, he stuck to his word and planned his second suicide attempt.

"The second time, I had planned to take an overdose of piriton tablets, about 12 of them, and sleep never to wake up. But as I came from work late in the night, I couldn't figure where to get a chemist that late in the night. And somehow it escaped my mind that I could easily google it out. Likewise, I aborted the suicide mission that night," he added.

He then revealed that he gave up on his plan to kill himself after he had an encounter with God.

"There was a day we were doing an investigative piece near Langata cemetery at night, I looked out and heard a voice (of God) tell me, that is where you belong (had the suicides been successful). I broke out and cried a lot at the back seat, unknown to those who were seated at the front seats of the car," Okari stated.

Speaking on his newfound passion for mentorship and his relationship with God, Okari noted that he has been able to minister across the country over the last two years adding that God has used him to perform miracles, including instant healing.

When asked why he has never spoken about his marriage to Betty, he exclaimed: "A lot has been said out there, but I have never found it necessary to defend myself or tarnish someone's name in public. One day perhaps, when God allows me, I will open up. But for now, I leave it to Him to fight it for me."

Okari, who is set to join NTV's news anchoring team starting next week, asserted that besides his journalistic duties, he is currently committed to preaching the gospel and spreading the love of God.

Details emerge on Uhuru’s spies who have been secretly carrying out lifestyle audit

Details have emerged on the team that President Uhuru Kenyatta has tasked with carrying out a lifestyle audit on senior public officers heading procurement departments.

The Standard reported some of the persons under investigations, narrating their experiences that mirror the script in Hollywood spy films.
According to the witnesses, the persons under investigation are issued with a random summon and told to make their way to a specific destination and asked to carry only their national identity card.

Upon arriving at the rendezvous, one is asked to board a waiting car and driven to one of several highly secret houses located in Nairobi’s high-end estates.
You are asked to give a brief introduction and your background before being taken through the main interview. The stage involves being asked to state what you own and how you acquired it. You are also asked to declare what your close family members own on your behalf,” a witness was quoted by The Standard.
The task force is so thorough that one official was asked why he had failed to declare his old car that he had long abandoned in his garage.
In the event that answers are not satisfactory, officials are taken to a separate house where they are subjected a polygraph test that looks at blood pressure, pulse, respiration and skin conductivity to test a lie.
playNIS Director General Major-General Philip Wachira Kameru (Nation)

Other witnesses hinted that they had opted to resign after learning of the experiences from their colleagues.
Senior officials including PSs are also said to be in panic and have been extra-vigilant in managing finances in their ministries.
Before President Kenyatta’s order, Director General of the National Intelligence Service Major General Philip Kameru, had already prepared extensive files on the wealth owned by various senior government officials.
The report is said to form the basis of the grilling by the new task force that has also brought in other representatives from the Attorney General’s office, the DPP, DCI, KRA, and other relevant bodies.

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“Neither money nor fame can make you a better journalist” Anne Ngugi advises journalists moving to other stations

"Neither money nor fame can make you a better journalist" Anne Ngugi advises journalists moving to other stations

There has been a major media realignment over the past few months, Citizen TV raided NTV and poached its entire Swahili desk that comprised of Nimrod Taabu, Jamila Mohamed, and Rashid Abdalla.
Other celebrated journalists like Mashirima Kapombe and Victoria Rubadiri have also joined Citizen TV from KTN and NTV respectively.
Anne Ngugi calls on fellow journalists to be cautious before moving to a different media house. Anne worked for KTN as Swahili news anchor for close to 10 years before she moved to K24.
Just 7 months after being poached by K24, Anne was unceremoniously sacked at a time when she was five months pregnant with twins. She stayed jobless for a while before landing a job with Christian TV station, MBCI TV.
Anne eventually left MBCI to join BBC where she currently works as a reporter and a host, she hosts Dira Ya Dunia programme.

Anne Ngugi now says her experience working for different media houses has taught her that money can deceive journalists. She cautions journalists against moving to a different media house just because everyone is making the switch.
“I have come to realise that neither money nor fame can make you a better journalist, but passion can. Make sure you are going for knowledge, and try to identifying yourself with a media house that is believable to be good, more than looking for the money that you will scoop from them, although we are in different journeys in this field.
“Once you start moving because everyone is moving, you will end up losing your identity, and you may even find out that you are empty without achieving any goal,” said Anne Ngugi during an interview with the Star.

They squandered money so fast! Swedish cougar who hooked up with 19-year-old boy becomes totally broke, barely affords food to eat

They squandered money so fast! Swedish cougar who hooked up with 19-year-old boy becomes totally broke, barely affords food to eat

Notorious Swedish cougar Mona-lisa Larsson is now living from hand to mouth after squandering her money with a 19-year-old Ugandan singer Aziz Maganda.
Mona-lisa Larsson hooked up with Aziz Maganda after another young Ugandan singer Ronald Ssemawere popularly known as Guvnor Ace dumped her.

Mona-lisa Larsson, a retired Swedish teacher, wasted her money pampering her 19-year-old toyboy. The cougar was recently arrested and held at Jinja Road police station after failing to pay hotel bills.
Mona-lisa Larsson with her sweetheart Aziz Maganda
The arrest came after a staff member of Palm Gardens Hotel accused the granny and her toyboy of failing to pay accommodation fees amounting to Kes 53,685 or Ush 2 million. They had spent four nights at the hotel.
Aziz however defended her sweetheart saying that she only had problems with her credit card which was later sorted after the arrest.
“The lady’s visa card has some issues. I want to pay everyone’s money. Am not lying and she is not lying. All those demanding us money we shall pay you. Please understand because am a fellow Ugandan like you. I love this woman but I also love money a lot so I can’t betray you like that,” Aziz apologized to his fans after the incident.
Aziz finally confessed that they are broke after he was admitted at Mulago hospital, the upcoming singer collapsed and fell because of hunger.
“I woke up last night and I was not feeling well. I tried to get up but I stumbled and fell. My lips cracked and yet I also have a little fever. We don’t have even Sh100…that’s the truth. We can’t even find where to stay. My lip has been stitched but I was just helped by a Good Samaritan who drove us here,” Aziz confessed in an interview with Bukedde TV.
He humbly begged Ugandans to help him saying that he is even afraid to go back home because his family still think he has money.
The couple was helped by traditional herbalist Mama Fiina who saw them on TV. She bought them juice before taking them to an undisclosed location.
Mona-lisa Larsson was only drinking water as she could not afford any food at the hospital.

10 Ex- Police Officer Summoned Over Tight Security They Gave To Prophet Owuor

10 ex- police officer summoned over tight security they gave to Prophet Owuor

It is believed the ex-police officer were paid by the man of God to provide security
At least 10 former police officers have been summoned to report to police headquarters to explain why they turned up to prophet Owuor's prayer meeting held in Nairobi on Saturday, July 7, and Sunday, July 8.

TUKO.co.ke understands Nairobi police commandant Joseph Ole Tito on Thursday, July 12 confirmed their summoning saying the men in black were former police and military officers.

However, he defended the televangelist's tight security saying there was nothing wrong with it as hundreds of thousand of worshipers were expected to attend.
“We anticipated many people would attend the crusade and that is why you saw many uniformed police officers, we did not want to be blamed for security lapses," said Tito
Unconfirmed reports indicate the highly trained police officers were either paid by the prophet or were doing charity work.

Police officers who were videoed announcing Owuor's highly anticipated crusade in full uniform have also been put on notice and could face disciplinary action.

10 ex- police officer summoned over tight security they gave to Prophet Owuor

The tight security witnessed during his miracle-performing crusade irked many Kenyans who took to social media to condemn him.

The prayer meetings held in Nairobi by the Repentance and Holiness ministry raised mixed reactions with some condemning it and others supporting it.

Among those who expressed displeasure was the atheist society of Kenya who called on the government to arrest Awori claiming he is blackmailing Kenyans.

Prior report by TUKO.co.ke indicated , blogger Abraham Mutai was forced to record a statement with police after getting threats from people he believed were followers of Owuor after he criticised him.

The self proclaimed prophet has over the last decade gained popularity across the globe, a move that has seen many people think he is an illuminati member.
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