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18 Jun 2018

Shots Fired! Zari Hits Diamond Platnumz Below The Belt, Calls Herself Father Of Their Kids

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Zari Hassan had us all fooled when she decided to drop hints of a possible reunion between her and baby daddy Diamond Platnumz.

The mother of five however twisted her words yet again stating she and the Bongo star were only trying be better parents to their kids.

In an Instagram post seen  on Sunday, June 17, the Ugandan beauty took shots as her ex as she celebrated her late ex-husband for being the perfect father.

Her questionable post further went ahead to brand her as the only father figure her children know of now.

Her ex-hubby, Ivan Ssemwanga, was also celebrated as a remarkable dad.

Zari's followers, completely bewildered, started asking whether Ivan was the father to all her children

Others thought it was outright wrong or rude for the Ugandan sweetheart to ignore the role her musician ex, Diamond, played in the lives of their kids.

A post shared by Zari (@zarithebosslady) on

"Happy Father's day to me, the late Don and all the women playing both roles," Zari wrote.

Diamond had even expressed his plans to secure American visas for his little munchkins to give them a chance to spend some time with the musician while on the US tour.

We also reported the Ugandan entrepreneur was to tag along on the luxurious trip.

However, Hamisa Mobetto, Diamond's current lovers' second pregnancy might have just rattled Zari's a wee bit.

Things fell apart yet again in the complicated Chibu residence! The drama never ends.

Renowned Musician Arrested With Illegal Drugs Consignment [Photo]

Rapper Chid Ben with Kenyan Singer Nonini. Rapper Chid Benz has been arrested

Renowned Bongo Flava Rapper Rashid Makwilo aka Chid Benz has been arrested.

According to the police Commandeered in charge of the Dodoma Police Station Giless Muroto, Chid was arrested in the outskirts of Dodoma town, in possession of illegal drugs.
He added that the rapper is being held by his officers for interrogations. This is not the first time the rapper is being arrested with drugs.
playRapper Chid Benz who has been arrested with illegal drugs (Courtesy)

In 2017, the a one-time popular rapper in East Africa was placed in a rehab to help him recover from drug addiction.
On December 30, 2017 Chidi was arrested again, in company of his four friends and put under police custody with experts running tests on the drugs to determine their type.

Drama Galore As ‘Side Chic’ Shows Up At Lover’s Wedding Dressed In Own Gown, Head Veil – VIDEO


What would you do if you had a “mpango wa kando”; and she shows up at your wedding dressed in her own gown; and above all, she has her own head veil, which she’d want you to lift?

Sounds like a script from a Nigerian movie, right?

Well, that is what happened at a yet-to-be-identified place in Nigeria, when a spurned woman stormed her lover’s wedding while dressed in a white wedding gown and head veil. She wanted the groom to marry her alongside the bride.

The groom, choosing to remain calm about the whole situation, stood unperturbed next to his wife-to-be.

The bride, on the other hand, looked confused as the side chic caused chaos on her Big Day.

Efforts by the church security to eject her from the ceremony proved futile, with the side chic saying that the groom was indeed her man.

It remains unclear what transpired, thereafter.

Raila Explains Why He Stopped Exposing Corruption Scandals

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National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga on Monday explained why the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) no longer exposes corruption scandals in the government as they used to do during President Uhuru Kenyatta's first term.

Speaking at a meeting of the party's National Executive Committee (NEC) in Mombasa, Raila stated that corruption cartels had grown accustomed to his exposés and would use them as a shield against investigations, arrest and prosecution.

"The cartels used our alarm bells to shield themselves. They would say "These people are only jealous of our progress as Jubilee".

"We are no longer whistleblowers, we are one with the government in fighting corruption," he declared.

He announced that ODM had decided to employ new tactics and could no longer be accused of being 'enemies of progress'.

Noting that the strategy had been successful given the renewed war on graft, Raila told officials they should use it to solve other pressing national challenges as well.

"If ODM has enabled the war on corruption to take off, then it must help with issues of national unity and divisive elections...Kenyans are yearning for politics that heals, not which hurts," Raila continued.

He expressed support for President Kenyatta's order issued last week that lifestyle audits be carried out on all government officials beginning with himself.

The ODM leader stated that he was also ready to face the lifestyle audit.

In addition, he asked Uhuru to enlist the services of external agencies and experts so as to boost local capacity to carry out thorough audits.

The Opposition chief also dismissed speculation that the Mombasa meeting was organized to plan on how to counter forays by Deputy President William Ruto into the Coast region, traditionally an ODM stronghold, ahead of the 2022 General Election.

"Joho agreed to host the meeting in Mombasa and they invited us to come more than two months ago, so this is not a crisis meeting called to respond to imaginary issues created by the media," he stated.

Mystery Murder Of Uhuru's Sister-In-Law

The Kenyan criminal justice is often criticised as the most corrupt institution in Kenya.

Stories abound of the frustrations that victims of crime undergo in the pursuit of justice or truth.
One case that demonstrates just how dysfunctional the Kenyan criminal justice is one that involves the powerful Kenyatta family.
In 1980, a member of the powerful family was murdered in a case that is yet to be resolved 28 years later.
Esther Njoki Muigai was the fifth wife of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s elder brother Peter Muigai Kenyatta.

Her body was discovered at the expansive family farm in Kasarani area. Police said she was attacked by gangsters who had earlier laid an ambush and that they killed her as she opened the gate.
However, the family farm was heavily guarded and it remains a mystery how they carried out such a crime without being detected.

The farm was located behind the Gatharaini armoury, a military compound guarded by armed soldiers at all times.
There is a public road passing by the armoury gate to the farm which raises the question of how killers went past the armoury and laid an ambush without the soldiers noticing anything.
The soldiers knew all the family members and no stranger ever went through the gate unnoticed.
Esther’s husband had died a year before her – leaving behind 22 children and four widows.
One of Peter’s wives had died earlier but all the four wives and their families lived in the same farm.
Despite the prominence of the victim, the murder received very little media attention in what a relative told the Nation was to avoid “spoiling the family name".
Another relative stated that the details of the case were revealed to a senior member of the family.
To date, Esther’s relatives are yet to understand how she was killed even though they remain optimistic.
Their time is up and very soon," said a relative, "Whether they are family members or not, they will be known and face the law”.

Businessmen Arrested With Illegal Sugar In Eastleigh Freed On Cash Bail

Businessmen arrested with illegal sugar in Eastleigh freed on cash bail

Three business men, who were arrested a week ago  in Eastleigh, Nairobi with substandard sugar labeled unfit for human consumption have been charged with six counts.

The three – Dahir Ahmed Hassan, Mohammed Dahir and Ahmed Sheikh Mohamed – who are believed to be directors of Diamond Wholesalers stores sugar company in Eastleigh have been charged with offering for sale a total of 1,126 bags of substandard white and brown sugar.

The three are also accused of applying Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) standardization mark on Kabras sugar brand without permit.

It is alleged that the unfit for consumption sugar was being packaged and offered for sale under poor hygienic conditions.

The trio also faced a charge of offering for sale substandard cooking oil. They were found with a stock of 648 containers of Safari premium cooking oil.

The accused persons denied the accusations before Nairobi Senior Principal Magistrate Martha Mutuku. They were released on a Ksh.300,000 cash bail or an alternative bond of Ksh.2 million each.

The case will be mentioned in two weeks time.

Kenyan Woman Takes Diamond Platnumz To Court For Child Support.


Heavy-hitter Diamond Platnumz has been taken to court by a Kenyan woman, who wants child support from the singer.

The woman, identified as Gladys Butoto, claims she and the singer are parents of a daughter aged One and a half years.

Gladys says she has been reaching out to Diamond to help, but the “Sikomi” star would only issue fake promises.

She claims Diamond had, previously, accepted to conduct a DNA test, but when the day for the examination reached, he chickened out.

Gladys says she will camp outside Oysterbay police post in Tanzania ahead of their case filed at a Dar es Salaam court. The mention will take place on Wednesday, June 20.

“I don’t think I would be going to court had Diamond and I sorted issues out earlier. I have come to learn that Diamond disrespects me. He knows the truth. Had we hatched a plan on how this child’s welfare will be taken care of, I would not be here suing him for child maintenance; I would not be here troubling myself,” Gladys told Tanzanian newspaper, Uwazi.

    Anne Kiguta Shares First Photo Of Twins With Uhuru’s Nephew Jomo Gecaga As Her Baby Daddy

    Anne Kiguta shares first photo of twins with Jomo Gecaga

    Citizen TV’s Anne Kiguta is a very private celebrity but she recently broke tradition with a post on Instagram.

    With the post, she claimed Uhuru’s nephew Jomo Gecaga as her baby daddy and shared  the first photo of her twins with the personal secretary to President Uhuru Kenyatta.
    playJomo with his kids in a Father’s daypost on Anne’s timeline (Instagram)
    Since the birth of her twins (a boy and a girl), Anne Kiguta has kept her babies private. She has not even shared snippets of them like their little feet, hands or even the back of their heads like some celebrities do.

    Newly-born twins

    But for the first time ever, Kiguta unveiled her twins who were born a few years ago at a Nairobi hospital. She, however, kept their little faces hidden in the photo that has excited fans who were eager to finally see her twins.
    playAnne Kiguta shared a first photo of her twins with Jomo Gecaga (Courtesy)


    Opening up to Drum Magazine about her twins, Anne described her pregnancy as overwhelming news which was met with a ‘huh?’
    “It was ‘huh?’ Then I laughed and cried all at once. It was completely overwhelming. Nothing really describes the feeling that comes over you when you find out you have one of the greatest miracles happening inside you. I still feel that way sometimes. It’s still overwhelming that God has designed me as a bridge between worlds.” She said.
    playKiguta during her pregnancy (Drum)

    The TV station owned by Moses Kuria

    Banned from the limelight of most mainstream television channels, Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria now is the brain behind Fanaka TV, a nearly one-year-old business news TV channel.

    Having poached former Citizen TV’s Terryane Chebet to lead the Business development at the station, Mr Kuria, according to Business Today, launched the channel on April 2017.
    Mr Kuria launched the channel as an entertainment channel, but would later turn to Business content after Ms Chebet’s recent announcement that she had “signed South Africa’s CNBC to air Business through the channel.”
    “This week in Johannesburg I have signed an agreement with CNBC Africa which now assigns Fanaka TV as a content distribution partner in Kenya. This will enable us to carry business content from CNBC Africa alongside our Fanaka TV Kenya Business content.

    “This journey begins with live debates on topical business and economic issues in the region. The first of these is the 'Great Interest Rates Debate' that will take place on Monday 19th June 2018 at Strathmore University.
    “This milestone is truly transformational for us at Fanaka as we strive to bring you the best in business and economic journalism, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” she said earlier on Facebook.
    playThe TV station owned by Moses Kuria (Courtesy)

    Mr Kuria’s initial plan with the channel, however, was to provide jobs and other opportunities for young people mainly from his Gatundu South constituency.
    He acquired it from the founding CEO Ms Charity Mwangi, a former beauty queen and Miss Kenya 2015. She is also a resident of Gatundu South.
    playThe TV station owned by Moses Kuria (Courtesy)
    The accountant MP would later organized for a Charity to even meet President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House, a month after Fanaka TV went on air, as part of plans to get the president’s buy-in into the idea.
    The lawmaker would later bring in former radio presenter Mr Jimmy Gathu, who left recently after failing to take the entertainment model off the ground.
    But after a year of false starts, the station is now repositioning itself as a business content television station.  And that task now lies squarely on the shoulders of Terryane, who has lately been touring international TV stations for benchmarking.

    We have joined the government - Raila announces

    ODM Leader Raila Odinga has now stated that he is ready for the lifestyle audit ordered by President Uhuru Kenyatta on all public officials.

    Although Odinga is not a public official, he stated that he had joined the government's war against corruption.
    He added that ODM would no longer play the role of whistle blowing, explaining that they would partner with President Kenyatta's government.

    "We are no longer whistle blowers as we have joined the government in the war on corruption. I am ready for lifestyle audit," Odinga said on Monday morning. 
    President Kenyatta's call for a lifestyle audit has received lukewarm response from Deputy President William Ruto's camps.
    Ruto's ally and Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi stated that he would support the audit if it also extended to President Kenyatta's father, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.
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