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29 Oct 2017

Barrack Obama's Message To Raila Odinga Regarding The Current Political Situation Causes Tension As He Lectures Him Like A Small Child And NASA Supporters Are So Furious

Former American president has also wiighed in the current political stalemate in Kenya and he doesn’t have very nice words for Nasa leader Raila odinga.

This is the message he sent him that everyone is talking about;

You cannot convince me that you are fighting for democracy while your own party is dishing out tickets to those who pay you money. You cannot also tell me that you are fighting for a transparent government when in your backyard, Luo governors loot all the money they are given by the national government and you still support them. You cannot tell me that you are fighting for economic progress of all Kenyans while you have been shamefully stealing from your own tribesmen for years and not developing a single industry to help them. I think Hon Raila should search for another lie, but never should he tell us that he is a reformer,” Barack Obama

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