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26 Oct 2017

How To Excite A Girl With Dirty Talks

The art of a dirty sex talk is not for sissies because it requires not only perfect knowledge but also the ability to apply it in practice, and in the most erotic way. If you become a pro of dirty talking, then your woman will be excited only by the thought that you will call her another dirty word. A sexy dirty talk can greatly diversify your sex, or it can become a reason why you don’t have it. So, how to talk dirty to a girl?

It’s bad, do not do that.
Before start talking about how to talk dirty, it’s necessary to figure out with something that you shouldn’t do. Firstly, do not be too rude and harsh. There should be a normal balance because it’s about sex and not about the enforcer’s speech habits. Therefore, it is important not to strive for aggression and direct insults, but to rely on the mood and sexual preferences of the girl. Yes, it’s complicated, but it’s worth it.

Secondly, a bad game will spoil even the best words. Why? It’s the same reason why bad actors spoil even the best screenplay, they just do not know how to enjoy the process and do not understand what to do. So, try to practice in front of the mirror. Do your words sound natural? Would you believe yourself? If everything is very bad, then it’s better not even to start.

It’s good, do that.
In general, the two tips above are the basis of what not to do. Let’s talk about what to do, and the number of these tips exceeds because there are lots of nuances.

The words.
You’d better understand that dirty words should be pronounced in a way that you talk usually. Do not pretend to be Al Pacino or Schwarzenegger, speak naturally. If the girl you met on a Single dating site wants your voice to be somewhat different, then discuss that in advance. No one canceled the role-playing games.

Do not overdo.
It is a bad game. Do not add extra growling and grumbling to your dirty talk. Be natural and attentive. If you know a girl well, then you should know when you need to be more emotional, and when, on the contrary, take care of a girl.

Do not start at the door.
Look, if you begin to talk dirty immediately, then there will be nothing good. You should smoothly add dirty words to your intimate talk. A dirty talk is a kind of prelude (except when it comes to swearings during sex), which requires, despite its aggressive form, some slowness.

Do the research.
What does she like? What kind of fantasy does she have? Does she like, for example, BDSM? These are important questions that will help you develop the right strategy. To get answers to all these questions, use the imagination. You can, for example, see her profile in social networks, evaluate the past experience of having sex with this girl, or find out what porn she likes. In the end, you can learn everything directly, do not be a coward.

Use her imagination.
It’s time to use the accumulated knowledge about her sexual preferences, which you have so persistently collected. Create a whole story, play along with the girl, let her feel in her own fantasies. This should be a story because without a plot all the dirty words will remain just swearings and not words that lead to sex.

Add another stimulation besides dirty words.
Your hands are free when you talk. So, you can use them in the case. And it’s not about some kind of easy or even rude caresses. It’s about the use of a vibrator, a silk cord, a lash and other toys. If you are going to add variety in sex, then do it to the fullest.

Listen to her answers.
Even the most depraved women have a limit, and this limit must be seen from afar. Does the girl want to continue a dirty talk during sex or does she look depressed and uncomfortable? If you crossed the line, it’s never too late to return to the safe zone, apologize and continue usual sex.

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