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17 Oct 2017

Don't Mourn The Death Of NASA Protesters, Their Bodies Should Be Eaten By Dogs - Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe: My generation is really messed if we have begun to turn to Huddah Monroe for sociopolitical commentary.

While Huddah has not necessarily been known to be a cerebral lady, she has done rather nicely for herself. From what I gather, she has had the sense and wisdom to get advisors who handle her brand rather lucratively. Afterall, she has delved into the world of cosmetics with her very own line of lipstick as well as being tapped into to be the face of Belaire “Rozay” in the East African market.
Niccolo Machiavelli would be very proud of Ms. Alhudah Njoroge.

But be that as it may, I do not want to take my political commentary from Huddah. Especially not when she’s spewing utter shite and stupidity on her timeline. I’d personally prefer to keep scrolling but kazi ni kazi and as such I must write about it.

The country is currently in political limbo with two political parties that really just represent two sides of the same coin digging in for a fight after taking hardline stances with regards to the IEBC and the upcoming elections.

If you are getting intouch with the political scene through Mpasho, I fear I must inform you that it would be unwise for you to breed.

NASA, one of the political factions has been taking to the streets demanding that the IEBC, the body that oversees electoral boundaries and elections be disbanded and reconstituted with fresh members -especially seeing as the judicial system found faults in the elections and the IEBC was unable to satisfactorily answer questions the court had. The Jubilee Party, however, has insisted that this would take too much time so the elections should move on as planned.

See how delicate things are?

As a result, NASA has taken to the streets to demonstrate. And while it is indeed their constitutional right, some criminal elements in society has taken advantage of the pandemonium to rob and loot.
The police backed by the incumbent has been using live bullets to maintain control of the situation. The result? Bodies are piling up.

With things being touch and go at the moment, Huddah, decided to speak about the state of affairs which she has every right to but her comment has me advocating eugenics. This is what she said:

 Huddah's Snapchat post

That is really sad indeed. but then she went on to post this:

Huddah talks about demonstrators
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