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30 Oct 2017

‘I Am Pregnant And I Don’t Know Who The Father Is…’, Stressed Up City Woman Cries

Woman Crying

A woman is paying for her sins after she got pregnant and cannot tell the man who ballooned her. She had multiple sex partners and is unable to tell exactly whose pregnancy she is carrying.

“I Always Wondered How People Get Pregnant And Don’t Know The Father, Well It Seems I Don’t Know The Father Of Mine Too. I Had Sexual Intercourse With Two Different Men On Friday Night.Since I’m Not Sexually Active I Was Asked If It Was My Low Fertility Period And I Said Yes ( It Was) He Even Showed Me How To Check But Now I’m Pregnant. I’m Not Scared I Think I’m Of Age To Nurse This Baby Without Telling Them. I’m That Holy Girl Who Has Gone Bad And Now Pregnant.

Why is this an issue?. Well, one is married, the other is 16yrs old but no child ( at this point I expect judgement, but it won’t be more than I judged myself). I was not forced, it was not for the money, I just did it, no explanation, now I have a great guy who wants to marry me and I don’t know what to do plus I just realised I’m scared. What do I do? should I keep this baby and risk humiliation? I don’t plan on telling any of the men or take it abort and risk the wrath of God.” she wrote to a relationship expert and his followers.
Here is what they had to say;
Joe: Get rid of the baby and save yourself future troubles and drama..y’all saying keep the baby, it’s not that easy, you have to be psychologically, physically, emotionally and financially ready to be a single mum…now it’s still in the early stage, get rid of it…retrace your steps,set things right and learn from your mistakes..good luck🚶🚶
Weilah: Good girls use condoms and don’t do minors
Simon: Chaii! you need to be arrested !!!16 years old…tha’st a fucking child abuse
Bookey: Pregnant 🤰🏽 for a 16 years old?
Adebayo: I know it’s not funny but ……..I wonder how it feels to be a cougar
Cherry: A 16-year-old? You should be ashamed of yourself
Muna: Wait!did she say 16years???
Pretty: You are not sexually active and you slept with 2guys in 1night…How many guys will you sleep with in a night when you are sexually active? You need JESUS in your life ✌️

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