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30 Oct 2017

Kibaki Pulls Surprise Move To His Security Team.

Former President Mwai Kibaki on Sunday pulled a surprise move to his security details who were trying to ‘obstruct’ his movement.

Mr Kibaki rebuked security officers attached to him when they attempted to block him from greeting the faithful of Our Lady Catholic Church in Nyeri town, even as they gathered around him for a chat.
 “You don’t even want me to greet people; leave me alone,” Mr Kibaki ranted at his bodyguards.

Dozens of people who surrounded the former President recorded the ugly confrontation and later widely shared the videos online on Sunday through Monday.

“Wewe wacha nisalimie watu,” Kibaki told a persistent security team who kept pushing people for the former head of state to pass.

It has never been a tradition of Mr Kibaki to interact with people at the church and it is said that he usually leaves the venue before the comprehensive conclusion of the services. He would later wave at people from his vehicle, but Sunday was a day to ‘meet-the-people’.

This is the second time Mr Kibaki made a public appearance after he participated in the repeat presidential voting Thursday last week at Muna-ini Primary School in Othaya Constituency.

In the recent past, Mr Kibaki’s health has been in sharp focus with bloggers who have been publishing his life history causing panic among Kenyans.

In July, Kibaki’s spokesperson, Ngare Gituku, dispelled similar fears following wide spread reports that the former head of state had been taken ill.

Last year, the retired president was flown to a hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa after he was taken ill.

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