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17 Oct 2017

Martha Karua Explains How Kenya Will Be Doomed If Raila And Uhuru Don’t Hold Talks

We are doomed if Uhuru and Raila do not hold dialogue - Martha Karua
NARC Kenya leader and former Kirinyaga governor aspirant Martha Karua has intensified her calls on President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga to hold talks.

Appearing on Citizen TV on Monday, October 16, Karua reiterated her early call for the two leaders to abandon their hardline stances and dialogue over the political stalemate in the country.
The former Gichugu MP and minister in the grand coalition government said should the two fail to hold talks, the country will be doomed as far as elections are concerned.

Karua said IEBC may go ahead and conduct the repeat election on October 26 but there is a likelihood that the election will not take place in all the 290 constituenciesas required by law.
This means the election will be cancelled again.

"If we don't hold elections within the 60 days window, we'll be breaching the constitution. But if again we hold the elections under the current conditions, there will be no elections in all the 290 constituencies and that's against the law. It's enough to nullify the results again. We're in a difficult situation. The only solution is in dialogue," Karua said.

Raila has dropped out of the race on grounds that the IEBC has failed to meet some of NASA's irreducible minimum demands.

He is Uhuru's main challenger and enjoys immense support in some parts of the country including Nyanza, Western and Coast regions.

Uhuru has said he will not hold talks with Raila Odinga Photo: Facebook/Uhuru Kenyatta
Uhuru has maintained that he will not dialogue with Raila and that the October 26 fresh election has to go on as planned.

Already, a section of NASA leaders including Siaya Governor Coronel Rasanga has said there will be no election in their areas.

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