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23 Oct 2017

Pope Francis Send Shocking Message To Kenyans 2 Days Before Elections

Speaking while addressing tourists and pilgrims who had gathered for the Angelus prayer, the Pope noted that he was closely watching the situation in Kenya adding that all faithful should remember the country in prayer.

The Pope explained that what was happening in the Kenya could only be solved if all parties engage in dialogue for the common good of the country.

‘’I ask you to join my prayer for peace in the world. I am paying close attention in these days to Kenya, which I visited in 2015, and for which I pray, that the whole country might be able to face the current difficulties in a climate of constructive dialogue, having at heart the search for the common good,’’ Pope Francis stated.

The Pope message comes even as the two leading political outfits have refused to engage in any form of dialogue.

On Saturday, Opposition leader Raila Odinga dismissed the plan to hold dialogue with President Uhuru Kenyatta ahead of the repeat presidential election.

Speaking in Ugenya during the burial of his brother in law Caleb Oyeya , he noted that the room for dialogue closed the moment he withdrew from the repeat presidential election.

The room for dialogue ended on October 10 when I announced my withdrawal from the forthcoming elections, he stated.

President Kenyatta and his deputy Ruto also ruled out talks with the opposition on the repeat presidential election, stating that Jubilee wass ready for the exercise.

Addressing Jubilee supporters in Trans Nzoia last week, President Kenyatta stated: We are ready for the election set for October 26 and I will not hold talks with anyone

The Head of State further noted that the only dialogue he will have is with the people of Kenya while campaigning and asking for their votes.

The only talks I will hold are with the people of Kenya, going to the voters to ask for votes. The IEBC has been supported by taxpayers with Sh12 Billion and their job is to organise elections and not to hold dialogue with anyone, he stated

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