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23 Oct 2017

Raila Is Actually Preparing To Win Repeat Poll In Perfect Style - Murkomen Warns Jubilee Supporters

Image may contain: 1 personRaila Odinga is indeed planning to participate in the repeat election, just not on October 26, Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has sensationally claimed.

The Jubilee leader made the remarks in a post seen by The Evening Post  where he sounded a warning to Jubilee supporters to turn out in large numbers on Thursday, October 26. 

Murkomen theorised that while Raila Odinga’s threats that there would be no election on Thursday were real, his mission would not end on Thursday.

According to Murkomen, Raila’s boycott is to induce complacency within Jubilee supporters such that they would turn out in low numbers on Thursday due to the absence of the NASA leader.
He further claimed that NASA regions where the election exercise did not take place would be allowed to hold another election at a later date where NASA supporters would turn out in their masses and outnumber the ruling Jubilee party.

“IEBC has the constitutional mandate to repeat elections where they did not take place so they will shedule election for those suspended areas let say on 31st October. Then Raila comes out and campaigns thoroughly and ensure 100% turnout in NASa strong holds and celebrate if he beats uhurus numbers,” He sensationally claimed.

NASA has been calling on its supporters to boycott the fresh presidential poll ordered by the Supreme Court on grounds the IEBC is not ready to conduct a fair contest.

To win a presidential race, a candidate must garner at least 50+1% per cent of the total votes.
Besides garnering 50+1% of the total votes cast, a presidential winner needs to garner at least 25% of the total votes cast in 24 counties at least.

This could prove the vital link in Senator Murkomen’s theory, as a number of counties have already pushed their weight behind Raila Odinga’s call to boycott the October 26 poll. 
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