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19 Oct 2017

Siri Zimetobolewa! 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Jimmy Wanjigi’s Wife.

Jimi Wanjigi and his wife Irene Nzisa

Earlier this week, police raided several establishments owned by city tycoon and businessman Jimmy Wanjigi that lasted for three days, since Monday. During the raid, Wanjigi was nowhere to be seen only to resurface yesterday.

While he was addressing the press yesterday, Wanjigi’s wife Irene Nzisa stole the show. Nzisa caught the attention of many due to the support she offered her better half. Photos of Nzisa holding onto Wanjigi and wrapping her hands around him surfaced sending tongues wagging.

Well,  below are the five things you didn’t know about Irene Nzisa Wanjigi, go through;

1.She’s a beautiful woman
Her photos have left many praising the business mogul for choosing the perfect woman. Her striking beauty cannot go unnoticed. Have you seen her pics which are trending online?

2. Loving and caring wife
Despite his controversies, Nzisa has always been a supportive woman to Wanjigi. On Wednesday, when her husband was addressing the nation after he was intimidated by the state, she was pictured holding Wanjigi and wrapping her hands around him, a clear indication that she is always there for him come rain come sunshine.

3. A great mother to their kids
Wanjigi chose the best wife. The two are blessed with cute children who are studying abroad in one of the most prestigious schools in Switzerland, that is none other than Institut Le Rosey, popularly referred to as the School of Kings. School fees is Sh10M a year.

4. She is a career woman
She is the real definition of beauty and brains. Wanjigi’s wife runs an art gallery at Kwacha house, one of the establishments owned by the Wanjigi’s.

5. Very rich
just like her husband, Nzisa is rich and she lives a flamboyant life. The expensive machines she cruises in around tells it all.

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