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1 Nov 2017

Your National Resistance Movement Is Dead-Mutahi Ngunyi Tells Raila.

Controversial Kenyan political pundit Professor Mutahi Ngunyi has launched yet another scathing attack against Opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Ngunyi,who has always been Raila Odinga's harshest critic has picked a bone to chew with the former Premier over his decision to form the National Resistance Movement(NRM).
According to Mutahi Ngunyi,Raila Odinga is a slow punctured revolutionary who is leading Kenya into oblivion with his unending 'hullabaloos'.

In his latest Youtube series dubbed ''Letter to Raila: Your NRM is Dead'' and seen by The Evening Post,Mutahi shredded Raila Odinga and other NASA co-principals into pieces by poking holes on NRM,adding that the movement is as good as dead.

Ngunyi vehemently claimed that Raila is a loser who can not even win an election against a man with the 'head of a coconut. ''Raila is a SLOW PUNCTURED Revolutionary. Keeps us Busy, Takes us Nowhere. If he RAN against a MAN with the HEAD of A Coconut, he would LOSE.''Mutahi captioned his video as he shared it on Twitter.

The pundit went ahead to accuse Raila and his team of perpetrating chaos around the country before,during and after the October 26,repeat poll. Ngunyi concluded by insinuating that Raila has no plan just like a reckless gambler who depends on nothing but the rhythms of the dark gods.

 ''Is it possible that Raila has no plan? Is it possible that he is just a reckless gambler who depends on nothing but the rhythms of the dark gods? Is it possible that Raila's political persona is suffers from a multiple personality disorder? ''Mutahi posed.

''He told us that he had a tallying center,it turned out to be worse than a Kariobangi cyber cafe,zero input.Then he told us he had 10 million strong but in August he was only 6 million strong,In October he had fallen to 70,000 strong,then he told us there would be no elections on October 26,then elections happened.

Now he has formed a National resistance movement ,another grand invention with a fancy name that would amount to absolutely nothing.And so I ask ,is Raila the blind philosophical man in a dark room chasing a black cat which is not there?''he added. The political pundit called on NASA co-principals to ditch Raila since he was,rather he is taking them nowhere. Ngunyi has been attacking Raila Odinga and NASA on end. 
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