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5 Nov 2017

I Have Been Offered Ksh 25 Billion To Retire

Raila Odinga has cautioned all NASA-affiliated leaders against falling for the ploy concocted by Jubilee to destroy the NASA alliance.

He claimed that Jubilee is on the prowl to entice opposition MP's with plump government jobs, money and even threats. Raila revealed that he has already been offered a whooping KSh 25 billion to abandon his quest for the presidency following the divisive poll. 

According to the Nation Newspaper, the scheme to throw NASA down the precipice targets all the NASA principals; Musalia Mudavadi, Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Wetangula.

This according to the NASA flag-bearer, is a back-door plan to turn Kenya into a single-party state. Although he did not name names, Raila claimed that he had rejected the KSh 25 billion the same way Jesus rejected temptation from the devil. “Jubilee Party is watching our every step. 

They want to know Raila’s every move and I am sure they are listening to what I am saying here,” Raila was quoted by Nation.

In addition to the hefty package, Raila was offered the position of becoming Kenya’s ambassador-at-large with elaborate international duties. Raila claims that Jubilee is attempting to offer NASA co-principals money, plum positions or even threaten them into submission.

He claimed that the initial offer to tempt him with retirement stood at KSh 3 billion but quickly rose to KSh 25 billion.

In his words, the bribery was akin to the temptations that Jesus was subjected to by the devil during his 40 -day fast in the wilderness. The Evening Post understands Musalia Mudavadi, a co-principal was also offered a tempting offer to leave the alliance to which he gave a resounding no. On Kalonzo Musyoka,

Raila said that the former Vice President is going through a hard time and it will not be a surprise if the government approaches him with an offer. To steel the alliance from falling wayward, Raila asked the leaders to be strong and brace themselves for a long political battle that will liberate Kenya from bad leadership
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