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5 Nov 2017

Make Kalonzo Prime Minister – Mutahi Ngunyi Advises Uhuru On How To Kill Raila Politically! See Details


Political analyst Professor Mutahi Ngunyi has advised President Uhuru Kenyatta to appoint Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka as the Prime Minister of Kenya.

 During his weekly show, The Fifth Estate, Prof Ngunyi and his team opined that appointing Kalonzo as the Prime Minister was the ultimate way to finish National Super Alliance (NASA) Leader Raila Odinga.

“Create the position of the Prime Minister, but not to accommodate Raila. If you create the position give it to Kalonzo Musyoka instead. This will finish Raila once and for all, “the team explained.

According to the analysts, the Prime Minister’s position could be a way for President Kenyatta to garner support from the minor tribes in the country.

According to Prof Ngunyi, the Opposition leader had already conceded defeat.

“When history is written, the main text will say that Raila got a shameful 0.9% of the vote in his 5th presidential attempt. The footnote will state that Raila got 0.9% because he boycotted the election.

And history has nothing but contempt for those who boycott elections,” he conveyed.

 The team further stated that in the event the former Prime Minister was to file an election petition, the case would be unsuccessful due to a quorum hitch of Chief Justice David Maraga’s bench.

They stated: “If on 25th The Supreme Court could not reach a quorum, what would happen if Raila files a petition challenging results of the repeat election?”

“If there’s no quorum in the Supreme Court, Raila’s Petition would be dismissed,” the team elaborated.

Here is the video:

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