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14 Nov 2017

NYEGE HAZINA ADABU! CCTV Footage Captures Randy Watchman NYANDUARING His Boss’ Wife

Picture this. Afraid that something might happen to your child when you aren’t around or a thief might break in when you are at work, you decide to install nanny cams CCTV cameras in the home so that you can monitor what is going on remotely.

For the first few weeks, nothing unusual happens and you decide that you’ll stop watching the footage on a regular basis. Afterall, isn’t everything okay? Actually, you really blame yourself for not trusting the people that you stay with.

One hot afternoon – presumably while you’re at work – your mind wanders and it hits you that it has been long since you checked the cameras and you decide that it was about time.
 You unlock your phone lazily cocksure that you won’t find anything “interesting” but what you see leaves you dumbfounded. You are unable to move for a second, maybe a minute.

When you finally pull yourself together, it hits you that this is really happening. Your wife who is also the mother of your children is having sex with the watchman – something you had no idea about until a few minutes ago.

Their actions leave you irked. Contemplating how this has been happening under your roof all this time, you decide to use a blog to expose the watchman’s philandering ways.
This is the exact story of a Nairobi man who sent us photos asking us to shame his disloyal partner. What would you do if you were the man in question?

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