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16 Feb 2018

My 45 Year Old Fiancé Has An STI,’ Cries 21 Year Old Lady

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A 21-year-old university graduate is contemplating dumping her fiancé after she found out that he has an STI.
According to the young lady, her 45-year-old lover who is a divorcee, recently disclosed to her that his ex-wife had infected him with an STI months after having unprotected sex. This lady is scared and she’s seeking advice.

“I’m 21 Years Old And Working ( Just Starting Life ). Last Year I Met A Divorcee He Stays Abroad. We Started Talking And I Fell In Love With Him And He Loves Me So Too. He Tells Me I’m His Last Chance And If I Don’t Marry Him He Won’t Marry Again. He Is 45 And He Also Takes Good Care Of Me,  Buys Me Lots Of Gifts And All But The Problem Started In January When He Called Me And Informed Me That He Did A Test Abroad And He Has An Sti(/ Don’t Know Which) And I Need To Test Myself.
 I Was So Scared Cause I’m Skeptical About Diseases I Went For A Test An\D The Results Were Negative. I Asked Him How He Got It And He Gave Me A Story About His Ex-Wife, Who Happened To Have Infected Him. He Kept This From Me Now I Have A Chance Of Being Infected !Love Him But I’m Paranoid And When I Look At Him I Get Sad Please What Can I Do., Should I Leave Him Or Stay Until He’s Okay And Make Sure I Am Too? Please Advice.”

Here are some of the comments from social media:
Julietmmakwe: So he is basically still sleeping with d said ex- wife? Are u sure he is actually divorced? Because separation and divorce are totally two different tyns alt="😏" draggable=false class=emoji v:shapes="_x0000_i1025">
Abisoye: Woman and wahala.. 21 to 45??? Hmmmm the guy must be loaded. If he was a broke ass, I am very sure we won’t be reading this story
Pdaisy: You’re 21? And his 45? He didn’t get it from his ex-wife, he got it because he is a man whore and sleeps around.
Lami: Don’t be foolish.. that man is 45 and married.
Ifemi: Stay with him n pray for him to heal, it may be testing your person
Houseoftefe: Why would you want to make mistake darling, you are just 21, you have no idea about real commitment, and why are you pitying him”you are his last chance of love” do you even know the original story why he’s not with his wife in the first place?
Horpheyemi: You both should go and treat yourself
Peters_mith: You love his money
Taimyhe: 21 – 45…. Jesus Christ is a Christian
Mhisstella: At your age you’re are serious about waiting for a divorcee with an STI? Am sure you think you would die without him. Be ready to get the real STI soon
Toboraay: This is a result of too much of “Rihanna’s We found love in a hopeless place” Cos I don’t seem to understand the connection here

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