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29 Mar 2018

6 Roads To Avoid This Easter - NTSA Tells Motorists

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The National Transport and Safety Authority has advised all road users specifically along Mombasa- Mtito Andei, Salama and Nakuru at Karai as well as Mai Mahiu area to exercise caution while travelling this Easter.

Speaking during the launch of a road safety campaign NTSA Nairobi county coordinator Samuel Musumba urged passengers to ensure they board roadworthy vehicles fitted with safety belts.

"If you are driving from Mombasa- Mtito Andei, Salama there are a lot of trucks in those areas be very careful," Musumba stated.

"On your way to Nakuru be cautious while at Karai as well as Mai Mahiu area. We are also well aware of other black spots such as Salgaa and Sachangwan drivers should not ignore them,” he added.

Musumba maintained they are aware of the roads which may be susceptible to accidents and asked drivers to be extra careful while using these roads especially while passing along the known black spots.

He further urged passengers to ensure they board roadworthy vehicles fitted with safety belts as well as to avoid using private vehicles which might be offering public transport during the holiday.

The NTSA coordinator warned long distance drivers stating they had noted that they are prone to breaking traffic rules and urged them to observe outlined traffic rules cautioning them against drunk driving during this season.

Musumbu assured that the NTSA is working closely with the traffic police department to increase traffic patrols during the Easter period to ensure traffic offenders are apprehended.

"We are putting on notice the long distance drivers who are prone to breaking the rules. Let them be cautious during this period especially during this rainy season and they should ensure they drive at a considerable and manageable speed," Musumba remarked.

"We have also added the number of traffic police officers on the road t
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