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11 Apr 2018

Fresh twist in Sabina Chege-Wazir Chacha drama

Murang'a Women Representative Sabina Chege. Samuel Wanjii has been wrongly identified as Chacha in social media reports

A 22-year old youth from Murang’a has come out to deny sensational social media reports that have wrongly identified him as Wazir Benson Chacha – the man accused of defrauding MPs in the name of Murang’a Women Representative.

Samuel Wanjii became an online sensation after a photo of him with the Murang'a Women Representative hit the internet at the height of the investigation involving Chacha.
Clad in red trousers and a spotted tee shirt, Wanjii was widely reported to be Chacha – another online sensation who claimed to have bedded 13 female legislators.
playWazir Chacha, who was accused of defrauding MPs using Sabina Chege's identity. Samuel Wanjii's photo has been wrongly been identified as Chacha (Twitter)

The 22–year old youth leader from Murang’a, however, explained that the controversial photo was taken in 2017 at the Great North Resort where Chege’s campaign teams had met to celebrate her re-election.
In an interview with the Nation, Wanjii painfully recounted how the photo had changed his life for the worst.
Some of my relatives condemned and accused me of embarrassing the family members who are God-fearing,” he complained.
playSamuel Wanjii's photo with Murang'a Women Representative Sabina Chege. Wanjii has been wrongly been identified as Chacha in soecial media reports (Twitter)

His small shop has also taken the beating as locals have avoided it over the false reports that he was involved with their County MP.
Wanjii, who is also the chairperson of a men’s group and the youth secretary at his church, added that the incident has left him depressed.
His love life has not been spared either, after his fiancé went silent on him.
Even after the arrest of Mr Chacha she has not responded to my text messages and calls,” Wanjii painfully narrated.
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