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6 Apr 2018

“Hii Kazi Imekua Ngumu Iko Karibu Kunishinda”Nairobi Governor Sonko Considering Resigning After Things Gets Tough

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Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko shocked Nairobi residents today after hinting he is considering after things got tough.
Governor Sonko shed his revelation about resigning in his early morning post oh his social media account.
He started by congratulating Nairobi residents on their good work of paying taxes where they had 1.247Billion this month.
“Good morning everyone 5.24am amkeni. Let start by thanking you all Nairobi tax payers kwa kupitisha the 100,000,000/= a day daily revenue collection na already leo tumefikisha 1,247,762,543.00/= 1.247Billion na leo ni 28/3/2018. Kumbukeni February you also did 1.4B sasa sijui wako wapi wale walikuwa wanasema ati revenue inakuwa juu January pekee yake. Keep it up for becoming the highest tax payers county.”
He then assured Nairobi county residents to give them the resources they require after doing their part of paying taxes.
Sonko went on giving his number for Nairobians to contact him if there was any problem.
“Sasa ni lazima tuwachapie kazi kwa kuwapea services. Nambari ni 0722886600 ikiwa busy plse txt.”
Governor Sonko admitted he was facing hard times in his work and he was contemplating about resigning but he assured Nairobians he will consult before he resigns.
He threw shades to his former deputy Governor who resigned in January saying that he will not leave before consulting.
 Lakini pia mujue hii kazi imekua ngumu iko karibu kunishinda na sio mambo ya flag hizo nimekubali kutoa as adviced by Karanja Kibicho na Ndegwa but nitawambia very soon ni kwanini ndio muniadvice iskue kama yule my bro aliehepa bila kuconsult.Kuweni na siku njema yenye mafanikio na baraka tele na Mungu awalinde nyote

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