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18 Apr 2018

Kenyan Student Narrates How Ugandan Lecturer Almost Slid Mjulubeng Into Her Pants

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The suspension of a Lecturer from Makerere University on Tuesday, April 17 after he was pictured in a compromising position with a Kenyan student seems to have unearthed the rot in the campus.

The Kenyan student, Rachael Njeri revealed how she was sexually molested in the office of the Senior Administrative Assistant, Edward Kisuze at the university when she went to collect her transcripts.

It all started on Friday, April 13, when she visited his office in Kampala, Uganda, at about 10 am but was told to wait until 2.30pm, according to her letter seen by The Evening Post

Kenyan student narrates how Ugandan lecturer almost slid into her pants
The students account of what took place in when she was accosted by the lecturer. Photo: @IamNjokiKelvin/Twitter

Hours later, she became impatient and decided to go back to the administration block to see if she could obtain the document.

"I was referred to room 507 from where I was first chased and told to wait. I went out and waited patiently on the bench but when [the clock struck] 4.30 pm, I could not wait any longer," she said.
She was asked to wait for another five minutes so they could check whether her papers had been worked on.

"When I got into the room, the staff told me to wait five minutes so they could see if my transcript had been worked on. Fortunately, my transcripts were certified and handed to me," she added.
Njeri claimed while she looked through her transcripts, the man grabbed her bosom, licked them and told her he loved her.

"As I was looking through them, the man who had given them to me turned out to be so inhumane."
"I tried to resist his actions but he was stronger than I was. He grabbed me and threw me on the cabinet files at the corner," she goes on.

Being helpless, she resorted to take a photograph of the lecturer in the act which later circulated on social media alongside her claim.

The lecture was suspended by the institution's administration after Njeri's photo alongside her claims went viral on the inter-webs.

In an official letter dated Tuesday, April 17, addressed to Kisuze and seen by The Evening Post, Makerere Vice Chancellor asked the lecturer to desist from accessing the institution and interacting with students.

The lecturer was also asked to handover university property in his possession and wait for his fate after the completion of an investigation by a committee picked to unearth the truth.
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