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3 Apr 2018

Man Exposes Married Bungoma Doctor For Snatching, Impregnating His Wife Who Is A Cop

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A Bungoma man is distressed after losing his wife to a local doctor.

Andrew Nyamanga told The Evening Post his predicament started in 2008 when he left for the US in search of greener pasture.

But little did he know his departure marked the beginning of his marriage woes.

"My story started when I came to the US.I had left my wife and a son to look for a greener pastures as they say.Little did I know that my exit was marking an entry of another man," he said.

Nyamanga added the mother of his son successfully sought a transfer to Bungoma without informing him where she lived for sometimes.

"By then, our life was getting so bad that even if I called her she would not pick.One day, she opened up and told me she had another man in her life and I should never call her again. I decided to find out who this man was," he continued.

To his surprise, his in-laws knew everything but opted to keep him in the dark.

"Surprising to me was that her family knew that she was even pregnant and they kept me in the dark even when I confronted her older sister who happens to be married there in Bungoma," he sobbed

The woman who is a senior Administration Police based in Bungoma even got two babies with her new man, a Bungoma based doctor who had rented her a house in the neighbourhood. The jilted lover said all this happened without the knowledge of the doctor's wife.

However, the doctor's wife is now fully aware of the situation because he(Nyamanga) told her about her husband's randy behaviour.

The man alleged though the doctor was remorseful and apologised, the two lovers are still an item and the doctor has even built her a house in Matisi where she works as a police Inspector.

 "The day I confronted the doctor about the same, he agreed to the sufficient facts and said he was sorry that he had messed my house.He told me my wife was his patient at the said facility and they had fallen in love.

"For evidence I do have some Mpesa transactions between them which are with my lawyer.There also are people willing to testify on the same since they know us," he told The Evening Post

Wangila vowed to take legal action as he had contacted his lawyer.

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