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3 Apr 2018

Man Who Was Blackmailing Mps With Nudes And Porn Was In Secret Relationship With 13 Female MPs- REVEALED

Man who was blackmailing MPs with nudes and porn was in secret relationship with 13 female MPs- policeƂ 

According to Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti; 25-year-old Benson Chacha who has been allegedly behind fake M-Pesa accounts used to con MPs and other VIPs, was secretly playing 13 female MPs.

Chacha on Saturday was arrested by police in Tarime, Tanzania where he was hiding for almost two weeks. Police managed to arrest him just before he could slip to Democratic Republic of Congo.

“He will be in Nairobi to face various charges. He was arrested as he tried to travel to DRC from Tanzania,” said Mr Kinoti.

Police went on to explain that Chacha was involved with 13 other female legislators. Chacha also claims to have CCTV footage of his sex escapeds with the MPs according to reports.

MPs complained that they were being blackmailed  by porn and nudes by Chacha in recent days a thing that led to the investigation. Woman Representative Sabina Chege’s name has been a thrown around the saga; with many believing she was one of the MPs the young man was bedding.
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