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5 Apr 2018

Miguna Exposes Identity of Man Who Injected Him

Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna has released a photo that captured the man who allegedly  ordered his injection with sedative chemicals before his deportation to Dubai.

A message released on Thursday by the lawyer who is in Canada identified an unnamed police officer as the head of the police squad that injected him with the chemicals.

"The man wearing the police uniform to the far right on this image led the group of fifty thugs and commanded them to "Get the veins! Inject him,"" Miguna stated.

Miguna revealed that the police overpowered him after breaking into the toilet where he had been detained at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

"After they had injected me on my soles, wrists and both sides of my body, I lost consciousness."

"I only regained consciousness in Dubai, UAE, on March 30, 2018," he revealed having earlier indicated that he was undergoing toxicology tests in Canada to determine the nature of the sedative used on him.

Miguna further added that the image was taken when NASA leader Raila Odinga made an attempt to rescue him after being denied entry by the immigration authorities.

"The People's President had come over to where I had been detained together with a group of my advocates. He held my right hand and started walking towards the exit."

"H.E. Raila Odinga did not try to "negotiate" anything with anyone including me. Neither did he ask me to "use the Canadian passport." Those allegations are false.

"The allegation that I attempted to force my way out of the airport is also false," he concluded.

The self-styled NRM General also claimed that the government was desperate to change the story by formulating a false narrative of the events surrounding the JKIA saga.

Source: kenyans.co.ke
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