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17 Apr 2018

Nataka Chupa 3500 Za Mzinga!! Rick Ross’ Crazy Demands Throw Concert Organizers Into Frenzied Panic

A source close to the organizing team of the Rick Ross Nairobi concert have been thrown into a tail spin after his management came up with a list of demands that will be nearly impossible to pull off.

William Leonard Roberts II (born January 28, 1976), known professionally by his stage name Rick Ross, is an American rapper and entrepreneur.
The management of the rapper are determined to make sure that the ‘Boss’ receives treatment befitting his A-List status when he jets in to Nairobi on 28 April.

First Class

Among the raft of demands is 30 round trip air tickets, including 10 first class tickets. And the bookings should be made through specialty travel services only, not your regular travel agent.
On the ground, a helicopter will have to be provided for interview appearances and transportation to the concert venue for the ‘Boss’.
Four ‘conversion’ vans will also have to be availed with two licensed chauffeurs trained in defensive driving from a company of high repute. The vans will have to have premium tinted windows. 
All cars must also be insured and a copy of the insurance should be availed to the artists management for proper verification.

5 Star

“It goes without saying that the boss demanded for 5 Star hotel rooms,” divulged a source close to the organizing team.
“They asked for three entire floors in a 5 Star hotel with the Presidential suite reserved for the “Boss” who will require round the clock services of a butler and a personal Chef, preferably Michelin starred,” the source disclosed.
playRick Ross (Courtesy)
Perhaps what will irk his fans most is the ‘no exception’ demand that no recording devices will be allowed during the performance. All recording devices found at the venue shall be confiscated.
In the communique from Ross’ management, they strongly assert that they have the right to delay the performance should any unauthorized recording devices be found in the concert.

Roads closed

3,500 bottles of Luc Belaire bottles, 1,500 fresh white towels and 200 bottles of lemon flavoured sparkling water must be at the hotel before the entourage arrives.
In an unprecedented move, they also requested to have two major Nairobi roads to be closed shortly before, during and shortly after the concert. The roads are Mombasa Road and Langata Road.
By the time of going to press, organizers were scampering to make the Boss’ demands a reality lest they blow up a once in a lifetime chance to host one of Raps moguls in Kenya. 
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