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6 Apr 2018

Ni Mjulubeng Ama Ulimi? What Is It About Wazir Chacha That Made Wealthy Women Go Gaga?

Benson Masubo Chacha

Wazir Chacha Masubo will go down in infamy as one of Kenya’s most suave and manipulative conmen. The man, who has been able to charm his way into the hearts and pants(?) of many female politicians has been derided for his outrageous ways.

Benson Masubo Chacha

The question that many are asking is how such an individual can charm nearly 13 female politicians. He is not exactly Nick Mutuma nor does he have the physique of Savara of Sauti Sol, so what is he doing that is getting these ladies all wet and excited?

Methinks, it all has to do with his confidence. Although I have never met the man, I think he must walk and talks like he owns the world. One study showed that women find arrogance/over-confidence as very attractive in men.

But that is not all, I think the man is thrice blessed. Why thrice. I think Chacha (affectionately named the lion in Zion) possesses 3 legs. Two that he walks with and the other which he wields efficiently and effectively with the ladies. One that only the women in his life are privy to. Masaibu ya madem wa Chacha!

Wazir Chacha

The last and most important talent I believe that the “great Wazir” possesses must be his tongue. For me, he must use it efficiently by speaking with the suave of a ladies man and also licking.


Licking what? Lips. His or hers? Hapo sijui. But I have a healthy guess as to what those lips might have been licking. Na si ice-cream!
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