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4 Apr 2018

Police Reveal Tricks They Used to Capture Wazir Chacha

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Wazir Boniface Chacha, the man accused of extorting money from MPs, was arrested in Tanzania last week and police have revealed the tricks they used to capture him.

Director of Criminal Investigations, George Kinoti, had offered Ksh20,000 to anyone with information leading to his arrest but just a day later, Chacha booked a bus to Migori and later a taxi to his father's house, former Kehancha Mayor Chacha Maubo.

Officers had visited the home just a day prior and when Chacha learnt of this development, he shifted to his sister's house around the same area and switched off his phone.

Detectives traced him to the sister's house but when they arrived he had already left.

“We traced the signal again to Isebania but the phone was on only for five minutes. We had an idea that he was going into Tanzania and so we moved there and informed the authorities there,” an officer who helped trace the suspect revealed.

The suspect then made a call to Tanzania, enquiring about accommodation at PKM Inn and officers moved quickly to book a room at the same hotel.

They then monitored Mr Chacha’s moves for three days, getting to know his new number, the people he met and the calls he made.

“On Thursday, March 29, Chacha received some money through a money transfer company from someone in Dubai and the next morning, he booked a bus from Tarime to Dar es Salaam.

"He was then to travel to Zanzibar on Sunday,” the officer stated, adding that he was booked in a Zanzibar hotel as Jamal Hussein Mwita.

On Tuesday, High Court ordered that Chacha be taken to the Mathare Mental Hospital for a mental assessment.

Magistrate Christine Njagi further ordered that he should be detained at Central Police Station for four days to allow police to complete investigations into the matter.
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