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25 Apr 2018

Siri Zimetobolewa! 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Liz Njuguna,The Woman Found In Bed With Kirinyaga County Deputy Governor

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There was mixed reaction on social media on Tuesday, April 24, after Kirinyaga Deputy Governor, Peter Ndabiri wa Njagi was caught pants down with someone else's wife.

A video showing the deputy governor in his birthday suit with the woman said to be married, made rounds on social media, with countless people trolling him for lack of manners.

It is not yet clear where the government official and the married woman were nabbed but judging with the video, he was in a 'hideout' enjoying someone else's honey pot.

Video of Kirinyaga county deputy governor in bed with married woman goes viral

In a rare kind of scene, the Kirinyaga deputy governor and the woman were busted by her hubby who had been accompanied by a group of men.

Together, they took the woman and Njagi on a torturous journey as they questioned them amidst caning.

According to what TUKO.co.ke gathered from the questioning session, Njagi regretted his move and asked for forgiveness claiming he did not know the woman was married.

Below is an except from the 'conversation' between Njagi and the woman's hubby;

MAN: Say who you are, say your name.

DG: Ndabiri wa Njagi.

MAN: Why are you leaving out the name Peter? Tell us what you do.

DG: I'm a business man.

MAN: Are you not the deputy governor of Kirinyaga?

DG: I'm a politician.

Video of Kirinyaga county deputy governor in bed with married woman goes viral

In conclusion, Njagi asked the woman's hubby to forgive him because he was unaware of her status.

Njagi claimed he had even planned to meet the woman's family for dowry negotiation.

''I want to tell that man that I'm very sorry. I did not know she is married, I was even planning to meet his family,'' he said amidst a dog's beating from the man and his group.

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The video attracted the attention of countless Kenyans who claimed Njagi should be taught a lesson while others prayed for his exoneration.

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