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5 Apr 2018

The Only 3 Kenyans Followed By Zari Hassan [PHOTOS]

Zari Hassan only follows three Kenyans on her Instagram

Business Lady Zari Hassan is among celebrities who enjoys a huge following on social Media due to her status in the society.

Zari enjoys a following of 3.7 Million people who are always watching out on what she is up to each and every day.
Despite having millions of people following her on Instagram, Zari follows back only 175 people on her official pages.
On her follow list, only three Kenyans have managed to be followed back by the Boss Lady. Among those followed by Zari are; Comedian Eric Omondi, his Fiancée Chantal and Singer Akothee.
playZari Hassan who only follows three Kenyans on her Instagram (Courtesy)

On the other hand, Zari only followers 6 celebrities from Tanzania, the land of her ex-Husband Diamond Platnumz.
In the WCB Camp, Zari follows on three People; Photographer Kifesi, Diamond’s Manager Babu Tale, Millard Ayo and Sallam SK. Others are Vanessa Mdee and Nay wa Mitego.
Kenyans followed by Zari
Eric Omondi
Chantal Juliet Grazioli
playEric Omondi and Girlfriend. Zari Hassan only follows three Kenyans on her Instagram (Courtesy)
Tanzanians followed by Zari
Babu Tale
Nay wa Mitego
Sallam SK
Vanessa Mdee
Millard Ayo

On October 5, 2017, Zari took to her Instagram account and Unfollowed Diamond and went ahead to delete all the photos that they had ever shot together. Her actions were triggered by Diamond’s confession that he is the father of Hamisa Mobetto’s child.
playZari Hassan who only follows three Kenyans on her Instagram (Courtesy )

Both Tiffa and her brother Nillan were following only six accounts on Instagram; that of their parents and their step-brothers. But as it is now, the number has reduced to five after they unfollowed their father Chibu Dangote aka Diamond.
By now, we are all aware that social media has a tremendous impact on our culture, business, on the world-at-large. 
Instagram happens to be the fastest-growing social media site at the moment with more than 400 million users.
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