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17 Apr 2018

Why Police Is Investigating Maraga’s Signature

Police start probe into Chief Justice David Maraga's forged signature

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has launched a probe into of the signature chief Justice David Maraga.

This is after Maraga’s signature was forged on multiple occasions in letters purported to be from the Judiciary.
Speaking on the matter chief registrar of judiciary Anne Amadi mentioned that the Judiciary's letterhead has also been used to circulate fake messages.
playPolice start probe into Chief Justice David Maraga's forged signature (Facebook)

“We wish to make a formal report of these incidences and request that you carry out investigations with a view to bringing those involved to book as soon as possible,” Amadi was quoted by the Star as saying.
Ms. Amadi added that the fake letters were used to make libelous stories about judges. It is reported that cybercrime officials have commenced identifying sites and social media platforms where the fake letters were circulated.

Raila's swearing-in

This comes after a letter by CJ Maraga warning judges against participating in NASA leader Raila Odinga’s swearing-in ceremony. The missive was circulated four days before the controversial ceremony held at Uhuru Park.
playRaila Odinga takes oath as the People's President (Facebook)

However after the the letter spread like wild fire, a source at the Judiciary registrar, who sought anonymity, told pulslelive.co.ke via phone that he had not received any kind of communication to the effect that all magistrates and judges should back off from the treasonous oath.
I would have received such a statement from the CJ. So I don’t think there has been such a communication from the Chief Justice. There is nothing of such kind,” a source told Pulselive.co.ke on phone.
Maraga also denounced the letter stating that as the CJ he does not have any jurisdiction to restrict any judge from conducting the ceremony adding that judicial officers have independent powers.
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